Games completed 2021

Dishonoured 2 Death of the Outsider. Just love being in that world. It’s just as awful as the real world but a bit cooler.

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Wish they’d put that on the box.

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Bayonetta - 8/10

Originally started playing this years ago and gave up after a couple of hours as couldn’t get on with the combat and got stuck. Decided to revisit after really enjoying Astral Chain. Glad I did. Great at over the top craziness. Reminded me of Mad Max (the 2015 one) in that regard. Super fun smashing up divine beings. Didn’t like Luka. He can do one. As can the boss in the epilogue - found it a bit tedious compared to everything else.

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Days gone. I’m really conflicted about this because it gets quite good in the 2nd half and is at times brilliant, but its a real slog to get there and so much of it is generic ubisoft type busywork. They should have relegated half of the story to side missions and just stuck to what makes the game good which is battling tons of freaks and interacting with the more interesting NPCs. The hordes are fantastic fun.

I doubt it will get a sequel but it’s absolutely screaming out for it. There’s a lot that’s great about it that needs building on and a lot that’s crap that can be cut. With the right direction a sequel could be an essential game.

Metroid Zero Mission

This had been a weird blind spot for me in the Metroid series. Just never got around to playing it.
It’s really bloody good and a great example of how to do a remake. Improves everything from the original imo and the new content is bloody great.
The zero suit section plays out so well and is like the SA-X bits of Fusion ramped up to the maximum. The extra final boss was weak as piss but the chozo section etc was great.
Yep, top notch Metroiding.

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A Short Hike
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
Doom (original)*
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
Super Mario Sunshine
Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition
To the Moon
Pop 'n TwinBee
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Earth Defence Force (SNES)
Mickey Mania (Megadrive)
Graceful Explosion Machine

  1. R-Type Dimensions EX (1cc through first three stages at least…)
  2. Undertale (neutral route)

January 15th - Spiderman (PS4)
January 17th - Labo VR goggles and camera (Switch)
March 19th - Labo VR blaster (Switch)
March 19th - Bowser’s Fury (Switch)
April 12th - Bloodborne + Old Hunters DLC (PS4)
April 18th - Star Wars: Battlefront 2 campaign (PS4)
April 19th - Journey (PS4)
May 24th - Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th anniversary edition

June 23rd - Vanquish (PS4)

Enjoyed this a lot! Wasn’t quite the Bayonetta beater that a few enthusiastic journalists I follow had made it out to be, but it was a fun blast.

Took me a good few levels to figure out how to get into the flow of playing it and using the weapons / slowdown to your advantage, but once it did I had a lot of fun and realised there were ways to grind down bosses or cleverly find a way to beat them in several hits.

The bosses and larger enemies are great, as you’d expect from Platinum and the minds behind RE4. As is the escalating action, OTT setting and cheesy story.

I don’t see myself replaying it tons as it felt like to do that, it would either need to be shorter in totality to blast through or be divided up into chapters more distinct from one another. And I didn’t really get how the scoring system worked.

But there was so much to love here. The zany cut scenes, the occasional boss that really tests you, the odd weapon that confounds expectation and some incredible levels that feel like you’re in the finale of Matrix Revolutions or Avatar, given their scale.

Can see why it’s a cult hit and garners a lot of affection.