Games completed 2021

January 15th - Spiderman (PS4)
January 17th - Labo VR goggles and camera (Switch)
March 19th - Labo VR blaster (Switch)
March 19th - Bowser’s Fury (Switch)
April 12th - Bloodborne + Old Hunters DLC (PS4)
April 18th - Star Wars: Battlefront 2 campaign (PS4)
April 19th - Journey (PS4)
May 24th - Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th anniversary edition
June 23rd - Vanquish (PS4)
July 15th - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4)

July 24th - Alba: a wildlife adventure (Switch)

Lovely little game to play for 5 or so hours with the kids from the makers of Monument Valley. Walk around an island, fix up a nature reserve, photograph some birds and galvanise a local island community.

Nothing taxing or particularly innovative but so stylish and wholesome I loved every minute. So did the kids.

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One does not complete Bloodborne. Bloodborne completes the player.


Bowsers Fury

100%ed it.
Bloody great imo. Didn’t think it would be that extensive. Just great fun and a very good experience. The large area and seamless play is cool to think how future Mario games might work too.

I’ve finished Mario 3d World but want to 100% it. Working through it sporadically in co-op but getting there.


The Evil Within - PS4

Mixed bag. Some classic Shinji Mikami moments, but the plot was too po faced to pull off its silliness. 7/10

Finished Control. Bit of a weird one, the game looked incredible really enjoyed the aesthetics, destructable environment and game play loop. There were

However, I just found the whole thing a bit of a slog. Found the puzzles pretty irritating. There were loads of abilities to upgrade but I didn’t have the opportunity to which I assume was because I cba with the side missions.

Would have probably enjoyed it more if all the super powers unlocked earlier and it was 5 hours long or so.

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Completed Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Went in with a number of people telling me it isn’t as bad as the initial reaction to it suggested, which I was willing to believe since the internet vitriol Bioware manage to inspire is something else. However, I think it roughly is that bad.

The dialogue is sensationally awful and tone-deaf. The story is incontinent slurry. There’s still animation bugs all over the place. Occasionally these three elements combine to create a sort of sci-fi Garth Marenghi, so it did at least give me some belly laughs.

It’s hugely bloated with tedious repetition. It’s a game unwilling to give you a task that it isn’t going to make you repeat three times, then go to another planet before the quest is done. The Remnant vaults are wonderful visually, but they are hammered into the ground by you having to trudge through so many, carrying the awful voice in your head to the next waymarker. The crafting/inventory system is bad. Did you enjoy filing through your pockets and deleting junk to free up space in ME1? Because they brought that back. The baddies are so, so, so crap.

Things I did enjoy:

The planets are all very pretty and the car is fun to roll around them in. Not sure why 3 of the 5 main planets had to be deserts though.

I like that you can keep hanging out and doing stuff with crew members you happen to like without having to fuck them. They all feel like they have a lot of content and a few of them are cool. I also like there’s no onus on spending time with the ones you don’t like. I never interacted with Peebee once after the first time and for that I am grateful.

You can get one of your companions to lift someone with space magic, and then hit them with your own space magic to launch them. Because some of the maps are very open you can really send mooks flying doing this, it’s very funny.

At one point my Ryder’s head fully rotated 180 degrees whilst she was talking to some NPC, so it appeared as if she was addressing me personally. Almost pissed myself.

That’s it. 4/10.


Massive kudos for completing. I got to the space sudoku and gave up when it first came out, years ago. Doesn’t sound like I missed that much. Replaying the original trilogy remasters and they are still so so good.

Finally finished Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, ninety odd hours after starting. I say finished, I mean I’ve completed all the main storylines, but there are plenty of world events I haven’t touched. I’m just exhausted though. It’s really well done, but there’s so much of it. It’s like going to an all you can eat buffet and continuing to stuff your face when you’re already full. Think I would have preferred it if it had been twenty to thirty hours shorter.

The first time I realised the way to activate the unfathomable ancient technology was to do sudoku puzzles was another laugh out loud/groan of despair moment. At least it wasn’t Towers of Hanoi.

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To The Moon, I really enjoyed this but I imagine it’s only going to appeal to anyone who already likes visual novels/walking simulators. There’s hardly any game play.

The dialogue could be a little saccharine or weak in places but the overall plot and soundtrack carried it for me. The vague sci-fi elements reminded me a bit of a good Spike Jonze or Michael Gondry film adaptation.

I think I benefited from going in blind, playing it one sitting and wearing headphones.

The bit were you realize River had been making oragami rabbits to remind John of their first meeting and that he didn’t before she died broke me a little bit.

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Okay so I’ve completed

Prey - March - 8/10
Dishonoured 2 - April - 10/10 (the more i think about it the more i adore it)
Kentucky Route Zero - May - 9/10
Dishonoured 2, Death of the Outsider DLC - 9/10
Titanfall 2 - June - 7/10
Disco Elysium - August - 8/10

Objectively I know DE is a 10/10 game. The world building is phenomenal, the writing and acting was superb. It kept surprising me in ways I wasn’t expecting. But I think, ultimately, it was just too cerebral and manly for me to fall completely in love with. That said, I desperately want to talk about it and see how people built their characters/how different checks went and how our stories diverged because that’s almost more fun than the game itself imo.


what will you be playing next?

I’ve not decided yet! I started but gave up on Ratchet and Clank, A Plague Tale, Outer Wilds, and a few others I’ve forgotten. None of them really hooked me tbh.

(and don’t worry about dominion, i’m going to bed now anyway!)

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Platinumed Lego Marvel Super Heroes with my son this morning. Very proud moment. A lot of fun but very janky, and alternately painfully simple and painfully obtuse. Took seventy hours before I realised you had to turn the stud multipliers on in the menu!

Pretty amazing to watch him go from totally clueless, with a lot of patient explaining and me doing jumps and stuff for him at the start, to being a total pro now - knowing how to use all the abilities and what to look out for etc. Only thing he struggles with is using the minimap to find me/items, but we can tackle that in the second one!

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Completed the mass effect remastered trilogy this morning. Some flaws but what a brilliant run of games. Superb.

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Here are my onions

I’ve won a few large games of civ 6 so I’m counting it as complete. It’s a fantastic and extremely addictive game. It works really well on a ps4 controller too, you really don’t miss out on much not using a mouse.

I had an amazing experience with one game. It lasted about 15 hours and I was close to securing a science victory when Russia suddenly overtook me. I raced to research and build a nuke to take out their capital, snuck a nuclear sub into an ally’s harbour and hit them with a few turns to spare, or so I thought. Turns out they had a secondary spaceport and the bastards beat me to launch. There was nothing I could do but watch all of my efforts melt away. I’d felt terrible nuking st Petersburg in the first place and it turned out to be in vain. I was gutted for a day or so but looking back at it, it was a brilliant ending and nothing like any other gaming experience I’ve had

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I’ve got it for Switch, played one game - twenty hours. Feel like I’ve got my money’s worth. I was hopeless though, barely crawled out of the Industrial Age. Everyone was disgusted with me! I certainly wasn’t as ruthless as you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Probably what held me back, but I just wanted to get along with everyone - how naive I was!

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HD

Wtf I thought I hated these games. Finally clicked. Loved this! Though the PS3 port is dreadful. On to Chaos Theory which apparently runs better.

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Finished Ghosts of Tsushima. Pretty good fun, essentially the best an Assassins Creed game can be. Still a little under my favourite AAA games of the generation but not far off TLOU2, RDR2, Spider-Man.

I really like the minimal HUD, I don’t know how far along it’s design schedule it was when BOTW was released but there’s significant influence from it. Enjoyed just following the wind or an animal to the next quest or mini-game. I did every icon I could see on the map after finishing the story which I rarely do with open world games.

The combat was very varied, slightly different styles against the four main enemy types and I enjoyed a level of difficultly that required constant attention but not quite to the level of frustration I’ve personally found with souls games.

Frequent missions require base takeovers, the options for stealth or using throwing items, power moves when overwhelmed kept the repetitive gameplay mechanic fresh for me.

I really enjoyed the world they’d made, the graphical detail wasn’t tremendous in places but sections of the map where unique and satisfying in their use of colour. The story was decent and not as predictable as I expected, some of the side mission’s story were a bit predictable and one note but it didn’t hinder my experiance. I think the general writing of the story was theweakest aspects of the game though and nothing I’ll ever think about now I’ve finished it. But, playing in a interactive Kurosawa world was good fun, decent game.

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