Games completed 2021

Yeah thought there was so much left unanswered, maybe deliberately for sequel fodder I guess. Was convinced there would be a big boss battle against either Dylan or Dr. Darling at some point.

Will probably do the DLC eventually, going to move on to something else for a while first though.

  1. Torchlight 3

Liked it at first - it was actually quite shit

  1. Battlefield Bad Company 2

Very bog standard modern military campaign complete with BS sniper shots and rocket launcher deaths coming from nowhere - awful writing in the biggest hoo-rah sense including some really cringeworthy potshots at Modern Warfare 2. Still decent fun overall though as the gunplay was fairly satisfying - terrible ending (ends on a cliff hanger)

always think i’ll have a bash on shovel knight some afternoon and then realise it’s like over 30 quid. why?!

Thats Treasure Trove - thats 4 games

The base game - Shovel of Hope is like £10

Actually I’m not sure if thats even out on Switch (the base game only) but on all other systems this is the case - might be on Switch where you have to pay over £30 to get it.

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ahh fair cop. on the wishlist it goes, and we wait for a sale.

Fucking yikes its £35 on Switch (treasure trove) and its the only way to get the first game

If you have a PC you can get Shovel of Hope for £10.99

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I got the treasure trove on ps4 network, it was about 11 quid. Only about 2 weeks ago too

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Finished hyper light drifter (story, if you could call it that) yesterday.

6/10 game, annoying because it could have been an 8 with a bit of work

Hyper Light Drifter is so weird - I haven’t completed it but have played a fair bit. Its beautiful and minimalist but it barely describes anything that is going on or the game mechanics.

I get they are going for that opacity and visual storytelling but sometimes it feels like it crosses over into bad game design.

  1. Knights & Bikes

Delightful game - great story - great characters

Shame I had no one to play it co-op with but as a single player experience its still really good - on the easy side but the setting and writing carries it. Loved it

Found one that should be in entertainment


completed Pokemon Go


Alien Isolation - 9/10, slightly too long but atmospheric and tense in a rare way. Flawed classic.
Horace - 8/10, some annoying bits and slow to get going, but it’s relentlessly charming with surprisingly original gameplay.
Hades - 10/10, another classic, took the genre to a new level.
Control - 6/10, disappointing, some cool ideas but primarily a dull shooter in a mostly boring environment.
Apex Legends (all trophies obtained) - 10/10, up there with Overwatch as one of the best online shooters imo.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided - 8/10 - slightly dodgy politics aside this was a fun time, a very well executed stealth game.

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God Of War (2018) - some very good stuff, but ultimately bit of a slog, innit?

Think I’m about two thirds of the way through this at the moment (just got a chisel and killed a Valkyrie) and actually enjoying it a lot more than I expected. It’s taken me ages though as I’ve really kicked the arse out of the sidequests.

Find the combat a bit button-mashy as you’ve got about five hundred interchangeable combos that fire seemingly at random, but Mimir’s Scottish swearing is hilarious.

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Yeah, I liked the writing, I just wouldn’t have grumbled if it was 20% shorter. I was much more into the puzzle and exploration sides than I was the combat, so the same interchangeable enemies popping up every few moments just became a drag.

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Ghost of Tsushima.

Basically Assassin’s Creed: Samurai, but I loved it. Good characters and stories, not too many collectibles, fairly basic but fun combat and stealth stuff, and some very smart ways of keeping you ‘in’ the game. Best of these being the guiding wind, meaning that you can set your destination and follow the wind in the direction you’re heading rather than keep having to check the map. Some other game had probably done that before, but it was really well incorporated.

It’s also one up there with Red Dead 2 as the single most beautiful game I’ve ever played. Every frame looks like a nature photograph or painting.

  1. Sunset Overdrive
    Really bad writing - lots of awful 4th wall breaking - very fun game though

Dishonoured 2 complete. Had an absolute blast once I figured out the mechanics and stopped shooting my way out of everywhere. It was really nice doing most of it non-lethally cos I do sometimes feel guilt about killing millions of npcs in other games. And the world building for me was absolutely top notch.

Think my only criticism was using Hollywood actors took me out of the game especially when Vincent d’Onofrio was basically being Fisk again.

Solid 8/10 I reckon