Games completed 2022

  1. The Gunk

Enjoyed it. Surprisingly similar to Steanworld dig which I wasn’t expecting going in. Very pretty and relaxing. Incredibly easy until the final chapter where the challenge becomes moderate. Easy breezy, almost outstayed its welcome but seems about the perfect length at around 6hhrs or so. Gives me hope for 3d steamworld game

  1. The Forgotten City
    Really interesting adventure game where you investigate a potential crime in an ancient Roman city, almost no combat and mostly just conversation. Fascinating world, really cool concepts, good twists and turns. Would definitely recommend! Just the right length too.

Almost finished The Gunk so will be adding that soon!

  1. Backbone

Was so excited for this, and the first few hours were lots of fun. The general set up wasn’t particularly unique, a dark noir point & click that had various animal species standing in for the class system. But the art is spectacular, there were enjoyable puzzles and stealth missions and lots of twists. But then it just goes completely off grid in a way that undermines the whole thing? And then there are no more puzzles or things to do, you just have to watch this horrific story play out to it’s grim end. On reddit someone said it was like halfway through development they played Disco Elysium and changed course to be more like that. I agree with that but it was totally uneccessary imo. Just a bit disappointed, really.


No way I will keep up with posting in this thread.

  1. Inscryption

I liked this a lot. Playing a card game in a puzzle-filled cabin got my imagination firing for how inner and outer game might interact. The game goes places, but manages to feel coherent in what it’s saying about games and what they do to us. And it stays fun to play.

I loved how physical it made a digital card game: your chips feel heavy, your cards make an excellent swishing sound. The pliers are also quite something to use.

The Witcher 3 - PS4

First time replaying since 2015/2016. Still an all-timer. One of a very few number of games I’d give a 10/10.

  1. Ashen

A pretty decent Souls-like. Some ridiculous difficulty spikes & dull bosses, but I really liked the pseudo open-world design.

Still, it passed the time waiting for Elden Ring…

  1. The Gunk.
  2. Halo Infinite
    Mixed bag really. I loved the gameplay and the encounters almost always ended up fun. I didn’t even mind the boss encounters! The open world was… okay… it made for some interesting encounters but there wasnt the sense of a living breathing world. Story… happened. A couple of scenes with at least some emotional weight to them but other than that complete vapid nonsense with no sense of momentum. Only one set piece the entire game too. Very disappointing. When the game ended I literally laughed and went ‘that’s it!!!’ As there was not indication I was near the end of the game/story. It felt like I was still in act 2. The multiplayer is way better. This was a mildly fun 10hrs and it was just fine… completely unremarkable in all ways but one - the combat
  1. Skyrim

I say completed, I mean got the platinum trophy and finished all the major quest lines (plus the Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs). Obviously I could keep playing it forever, but I think this is a good time to step away. I’ve now reached this point on the 360, PS4 and PS5 versions, so I do probably need to rethink my life, but what a game. Just an unbelievable amount of content in there, and even the creaky parts only made me think how amazing Elder Scrolls 6 could be with modern tech (unless they decide to go the Fallout 4 route of making it rubbish instead, of course).

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1 - Red Dead Redemption 2: I got to Chapter 6 when the game came out originally and just at some point. Always had an itch to go back so took the time over Christmas and New Year to revisit it. Just focussing on the main story kept the pace up and I just had a great time. Love Arthur’s character and how he changes throughout. Big fan of the epilogue too, a nice way to wrap up and change the tone up.

Next up - The Gunk

Just finished Skyward Sword remaster although skipped a lot of the side quests. Bashed up the final boss with no shield and only took one hit. Overall an enjoyable experience but a very flawed game.

  1. Night in the Woods - enjoyed it a lot and really loved its world. Had to play in small doses though and balanced out the lack of gameplay by playing BOTW in between sessions. Recommend it to anyone that likes story driven indies though.