Games completed 2022

  1. The Last of Us Part I

Started this when it came out and dropped it just before the very end because I got distracted by Persona.

It’s The Last of Us but shinier. :woman_shrugging:

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  1. Titanfall 2 9/10
    Forgot to mention this in detail above, but add it to the list. Absolutely loved this fucking game.

I’ve forgotten this one as well, LOL.

  1. As Dusk Falls 8/10
    This was great, but ended with a REALLY annoying cliffhanger. I’d like to know where the story is going, and after I got used to the art style I really dug it. I made some pretty wild choices that meant I had a very different story to a friend that also played it, but yeah this was really enjyable and had me hooked.

God of War Ragnorok - PS5

I loved it. And my word, I almost got teary at the end there.

Would be a 10/10 if you could turn off the hand holdy puzzle prompts. So a 9 will have to do.

Signalis - Xbox Series

Started out thinking it would be my GOTY and then I just kinda wished I was playing Silent Hill again by the end.

It’s very good, but I’m gonna have to sleep on it. Or just replay it again next year or something.

Unsure out of 10

Which ending did you get? I got the ‘Promise’ one, which is apprently the good ending but involves playing badly.

  1. Overboard

I did a few run-throughs of this blind & tried a few different things but got the same ending each time, then ended up getting frustrated and looking up some guides to figure out how to get any other ending. There are definitely still pets of the story I haven’t seen, but I’m happy to put it down now having seen the main endings.

I feel like maybe my brain doesn’t work in the right way for a game like this, because there’s no way I’d have been able to work out the right set of steps to get the best ending alone.

I have a lot of respect for the the construction of the game, but I think I stopped having fun after my second or third go through & then just wanted to see the end.

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Done the Dishonoured DLC now, bar the trials stuff because it doesn’t appeal to me, but the Daud story is an incredible game in its own right that changes the template in interesting/fun ways. Also does that great thing where it lays the seeds for later missions, but in a more substantial way than the base game. Brigmore Manor especially had loads of atmosphere. Sound design was a huge part of that. Reminded me of the best supernatural bits from the Thief games.

Will start the second game tomorrow. Like to see how it elaborates on the design of the first. I originally played it through a bout of insomnia so it’s all mixed up in my head. Some missions were very memorable though.

  1. Get in the Car, Loser!

Queer as heck RPG visual novel thing. Some of the plot is a little heavy handed, but I still really enjoyed it. It’s also the only game I’ve ever played to have a battle system inspired by FF13, though maybe a little less puzzle-y than that game.

My only complaint is that the default Steam Deck controls hurt my thumb but that’s probably my own fault for not customising them.

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Red Death
Kirby’s Dream Land
Hacha Mecha Fighter
The Magnificent Trufflepigs
The Gardens Between
Far: Lone Sails
What Remains of Edith Finch
Golf Story
Crimzon Clover: World Explosion (Novice Original Mode, 1CC)
The Next Penelope
DoDonPachi Resurrection (Novice 1cc)
Gunbird 2 (1cc Baby difficult)

  1. Donut County

Charming and simple game where you use a hole to swallow things. There are gentle puzzle elements and it’s wrapped in a faintly amusing story. Worth a couple of hours / quid.

Battlefield 4 - Xbone

Bought in 2016 and only just got round to playing it.

I rarely play military FPS games. So, yeah, I kinda enjoyed it as a change of pace. It’s total bollocks and really silly and loud, but yeah, fine my me.

Also fucking hell the visuals are jaggy. 720p on Xbox One and before better anti aliasing techniques hit the market.


  1. Signalis

Overall I really enjoyed this. I found the puzzles and combat a little frustrating towards the end, but the overall atmosphere and art design were amazing, and the story was really well told. I also just love this hi-res blocky PS1 visual style that so many indie games are going for at the moment. Super impressive that this was made by just two people as well.