Games Completed 2023

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Not sure what I can say about this game that hasn’t already been said. Just immense in every respect. It looks absolutely spectacular and, while there may not be a huge amount of variety in what the game has you actually do, I reckon it’s the absolute pinnacle in representing a completely seamless, living, breathing open world. Nothing I love more than riding into town, hitching up my horse, taking a stroll around, saying “howdy” to a few folks. And the story and characters are brilliant, of course. Did take me a while to finish - started in 2019 and put it down after a few chapters to play other things, but so glad I finally came back to it. Easily one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had, truly momentous.


Syphon Filter 3 - PS1 on PS5

Aye it’s alright


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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is the save file I started on the Switch’s launch day in 2017. Did all the divine beasts pretty quickly and then put it down for ages because I couldn’t find some of the memories. Picked it up again a few times over the years, but finally finished it off over the last few weeks so I’d be ready for the sequel in May.

It’s pretty good isn’t it?

My one complaint is that I never managed to commit the controls to memory properly so every time I played it I’d end up getting my bow out instead of using one of the powers, or I’d try to quick change my arrow and end up unequipping my shield. But to be fair to the game, that’s probably because it’s taken me almost 5 years to beat.

  1. Dead Cells
  2. Two Point Campus
  3. Unpacking

Hard not to be charmed by this, wise move to keep story to a minimum. I wished there were more puzzles as there was one melancholic one early on but from googling it seems that’s mostly in optional achievements which is fair, like any busywork it does get tedious and repetitive. Still don’t know what that green block is. Sponges? Cheese? Soylent Green?


Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition, The Pathless, Spelunky, Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  1. Judgment

It’s Yakuza but you’re a private detective, what’s not to love?

I prefer the turn based combat of the last Yakuza game to the beat-em-up combat here, but I prefer Yagami’s movesets to any of Kiryu’s.

The actual “detective” minigames are pretty terrible. If they haven’t changed the tailing one in Lost Judgment I’m gonna be very annoyed.

But again, it’s Yakuza but you’re a private detective. Also you get to fight cops. So yeah, I liked it.

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Lost Judgment was sick. Preferred it to the first

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2. I commissioned some bees 0

Lots of bees to find in bucolic pictures. I like how the title demystifies the whole thing: there’s no attempt to present this as any more profound an experience than it is.

3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Helped Edelgard crush religion forever. Weird couples at the end: Petra married Hubert, Dorothea married Lindhardt. Ferdinand ended up alone, so fine.

I’ve already got it downloaded & waiting for me, but I think I’ll try and play something else before I start it. Excited to see Yagami bust out some sick skateboarding skills when I do though. :smile:

4. Cloud Gardens

Really great for small dose breaks from work. You get a scene - an abandoned factory, a ruined train station, or something more abstract - and plant flowers, trees or weeds which spread as you add more objects to the scene. I like how the end result is both something you created and something which grew organically.

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I found this very frustrating. I didn’t understand why there was a single solution for a room, for example, especially when unpacking the first college dorm one (I think?).

Anyway, DNF.

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Chained Echoes

If you are a fan of JRPGs then this one is a no brainer, absolute pleasure to play and just so well designed.

Hifi rush

Only 2 thing shave ben capable of putting a smile on my fave recently. Brighton beating liverpool and this fucking game.

What a game
Excellent boss fights
A likable cast of characters rhat continued to grow on me as the game went on
Good soundtrack
Superb animations
Great feeling combat
Just overall a greay way to spend 10hrs of your life.

Itll be a cult classic and im giving it a 10 hust from sheer enjoyment. This may be one of my fav games of all time. Best spectacle fighter since Bayonetta 2


It’s been a stark difference struggling to muster the enthusiasm to play Bayonetta 3 over a 2 month period Vs only stopping playing this because I need sleep.

Hi-Fi Rush feels so perfectly formed, tight, fun and vibrant. I’m loving it too. Reminds me of a lot of what I loved about Sunset Overdrive, refined and streamlined.