Games for your phone


anyone got any good recommendations?


Grindr. It’s brilliant. Keep adjusting your filters (age / body type / HIV status / etc) until you get the unholy trifecta-trinity of 9 shirtless photos on the screen at any one time. You win some unsolicited dick pics probably.


I like the jumping dinosaur game that chrome gives you when you go offline








Online banking is good if you want to give yourself heart pains


Plants vs Zombies (2)


Wayward Souls is a good game


Solitaire is literally the only one I play


alright, karen carpenter


there is one called facebook you win once you have made everyone be like bill and then crie evrytim xx


Madden Mobile.


I like Eternal, which is basically Hearthstone: The Gathering.


Football manager for your phone


Chucking it in the air a bit


Serious answer for you TKC

Sword & Sworcery

Banner Saga

For something simpler

A text choose your own adventure that you play when you want and is basically a fun background task sort of thing.



Osmos! Far and away my fave, and soundtracked by ambient classics to boot.