Games that you've never seen anyone play in real life


I’ve never seen anyone play bridge. Or backgammon. There are countless penoid card games I’ve never seen anyone play but where would I start?

I know it’s not a penoid card game as such but I’ve never witnessed a game of Cards Against Humanity.

There must be loads more. Who are these people playing these games?


When I was in university I worked in the bar there and consequently saw just about every penoid card game being played there.

I’ve definitely seen people play backgammon before. Bridge too.

Thinking about it I’ve realised I’ve never seen anyone play baseball in real life. Don’t know why I would have seeing as it isn’t in any way popular here.


I guess if we’re counting sports then where would I start? American Football, baseball, lacrosse, kabaddi…


Shit non-game for cunts who aren’t clever enough to make up their own jokes, fwiw.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bridge being played in real life. Not many classic card games get played at penoid events.


100% ^This.


Played bridge at school in the early 90s :fearful:

Great game. Our bridge team were a lovely bunch of fellas (me included obvs)


I once had to demonstrate how to play rounders on my own to a bunch of german kids as part of a school workshop- the school requested a session on British Sports and I couldn’t bring a cricket bat. That was interesting. Turns out they don’t really play any kind of bat sport at school there. They got it in the end though.

(Also the company forgot to tell me about the rounders bat until I was at the airport and the rep handed it to me. I had to unpack all my luggage on the floor and put it in my suitcase with loads of people watching. Normally they just gave you activity books or art stuff)


My dad’s a very accomplished bridge player, it basically all happens in members clubs, with tournaments held in nondescript hotels in unfashionable towns (Peebles for example).


Never realised bat-based sports weren’t a thing in Germany! Haven’t played a game of it in ages. It’s a bit weird that it’s one of the Irish national sports. Always found that strange.


I thought the main point of rounders was that it was a casual game with few rules? Seems like having “kick-about” as a national sport.


Yeah, it’s odd alright. It’s rules were first codified in Ireland by the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) and since then it’s been considered a national sport along with Gaelic football, hurling, camogie and handball.


At least you will safely be international champions at some of those sports. I used to work with a bloke who was on the national side for Korfball for England. For him it was basically like being in a Sunday league, but they were always playing against Dutch teams who were pros. Must have been a bit depressing.


hah, yeah look at the list of results for World Tournaments :slight_smile:


Hahaha! Brilliant! aboynamedgoo must be very proud of his nation’s korfball prowess!

Ireland competes against Australia in international rules football, a cross between Gaelic football and Aussie rules. Honours are fairly even in that.

There are international handball tournaments but I don’t know much about them, even though I played a bit of it when I was younger. I think there’s some kind of competition with Basque pelota players using a compromise rules system but it’s been years since I looked it up.


Keeping those Belgians in their place, except for the disaster of 1991.

Handball is definitely popular in Germany and Austria, and I think the nordic countries too?


i played for the English national ‘tchoukball’ team one time.

The P.E. teacher was really into it (was on the board for the sport or something) and made us all play during lessons. I played against Switzerland and I believe we lost the game. Didn’t even understand some of the rules tbh.

The P.E. teacher in question was charged for sexually assaulting pupils when I was in year 11 and spent like 2 years in prison.


Gaelic handball is a completely different game! Should have clarified that. It’s like squash without any rackets.

Skip to 01:00 in this!


There were people playing Backgammon in the pub last night


Ah I think Roald Dahl’s autobiography talks about him being school champion at a game like that, and how it was a bit useless as no other school played it.

I used to work at Hampton Court, and they have Henry VIIIs tennis court, which people are allowed to use. Tudor tennis is kind of weird though like a cross between tennis and crazy golf, it’s indoors, and the walls have obstacles to bounce the ball off of, and there’s a goal to get your ball in with Henry’s face painted on it.