Games that you've never seen anyone play in real life


That’s ringing a bell, even though I haven’t read it in a long time. Must have a flick through it when I’m at my parents’ house next.

I’ve looked into that before! It’s quite odd. Spent a long time wondering what it’d be like to play it.


Played Bridge loads in our 6th Form. It’s a great game.


It’s a known fact that bridge doesn’t exist. Its just a cover for swingers.

If your parents say they are playing bridge… Well don’t think about it too much. Its probably fine.


The tennis balls are soft too, they’re not bouncy and rubbery like normal ones.


Uh huh. :wink:


Gears of War


Super Smash Bros.


These lamassu at the British Museum used to be part of the gate of an Assyrian city. The bored guards scratched a board game into the base.


I genuinely thought lacrosse was a game made up for the film American Pie until I got to uni and saw people walking around with lacrosse sticks. Must be a private school thing


I don’t know how it works, really. Is it like hockey but with giant slotted spoons?


Yeah I think so, except I guess it’s all up in the air instead of down on the ground (I have no idea what I’m talking about).


OK I’ve just looked it up and apparently it was created by native Americans pre-Columbus. And they wear nearly as much gear as American football players.

It just looks like a crap version of hurling (another game I’ve never seen anyone actually play)


Never seen hurling either. Except of the vomit variety


Backgammons a really good game. Don’t think I’ve seen bridge being played but I wouldn’t recognise it tbf.


MARLON: let’s read the sentence out

ROSCOE: OK then ahem, paedophile priest walks into a gay bar for the gays and says ace of clubs then ISIS comes out and they build a three of diamonds because something about DRUGS INJECTED UP A six of hearts and then they all made a tedious reference to ghxking Harambe

MARLON: can’t believe we crowdfunded this piiiiiiiissssss


Never played it doe it might be rate fun


I’ve been playing lacrosse for the last 6 months and I can confirm that it is indeed an extremely posh private school sport - I think I am the only state school person around and stick out like a sore thumb, The ladies version is pretty much hockey in the air, the men’s version seems like an excuse for them to run around and hit each other.


Is it fun?


It is actually. The poshness is putting me off quite a bit though.


No such thing as bridge.

It’s just a cover for middle aged middle class swingers parties