Games / toys / other things your parents wouldn't buy you as a kid

This is partly inspired by @anon44377095’ post over the festive period

But also inspired by a Whatsapp picture that my wife just sent me of my daughters playing the notoriously fiddly boardgame Mousetrap.

What wouldn’t your parents buy you as a kid? And did they ever give reasons? I was really keen on getting Mousetrap but I don’t think my dad could be arsed with setting it up for me. Likewise I was really keen on a Mr Frosty and a Sodastream but these were vetoed too. Okay, my dad was a bit of a control freak but still, I won’t let my issues with him get in the way of a good thread!

Also, I welcome responses from the DiS parents - have you refused to buy anything for your kids?

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What about water pistols?

:musical_note: WHAT ABOUT US :musical_note:

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REALLY REALLY wanted some of those trainers that have lights in the heel that light up whenever you took a step. not sure what the reasoning was but it was made very clear i was never getting a pair. don’t think they were that expensive?

was forbid from ever visiting deep sea world because it was “a total waste of money”. my friend’s mum worked there and could get us in for free but i still wasn’t allowed to go. don’t understand that one either. might need to ask about that actually…

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don’t remember any specific toys but my parents used to put the TV away for the summer and the claim the 6 months of tv license back

wasn’t showered with expensive gifts tho, so no doubt there was a large number of things i said i wanted but was told they weren’t affordable

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Mr Frosty
The black patent shoes from
Clark’s that had a diamond in the sole

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Yeah same, and my mum would kick off at my grandma on my dad’s side when she bought me anything like that.

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I refused the Segway the boy wanted for his birthday.


ha! Very much in the spirit of Why Don’t You.

I was thinking in particular of stuff that our parents could have reasonably afforded… we weren’t particularly well-off as a kid and I never really pushed it in terms of asking for anything particularly expensive.

Didn’t you assemble Mousetrap as the game went along?

Some kids in my class had things like air rifles, or catapults. I didn’t even bother asking my parents for those, not that I really wanted one anyway.

My parents wouldn’t get us a console - we had to wait a few years and then they got us a computer (an Amiga 1200), as that would do word processing and the like.

Early Paul Simon needed revising

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he wanted a full blown segway, not a hoverboard thing?

either way you are a monster

Yeah full blown. Lazy bastard.

Mr Frosty
Various car related tracks
Expensive Nike trainers


He’s the real monster, currently watching Johnny English for the third time this holiday.

Ah yes. Maybe he didn’t trust me to be able to assemble it properly. (Fair enough)

Scalextric and the like. Were you kept in a bunker for a couple of decades?

“well i’d be outside playing on my segway IF I HAD ONE”

Things like this


But as we had some track from when my dad was a kid, we weren’t allowed it.

@colon_closed_bracket also had old scalextric so wasn’t allowed newer stuff

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