Gamesmaster is back

It’ll be naff

POG form?


Always was.

Who’s champ?

Tell you what I used to enjoy. When Games Attack.

Me and my sibling used to write Gamezville fan fiction when we were kids

I hope they have Simon Amstell on it again…

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Just read the blub. Didn’t Dave have a show like this a few years ago with Dara ehhh O’Briain and an awful co-host?

Rumor is that Patrick Stewart will be filling the Sir Patrick Moore role for the new one.

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Gamesmaster was always shit.

The market for this is now Twitch. Fuck off Gamesmaster

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Consolevania slash Videogaiden was the best games tv show btw


Why do all contestants seemingly have to be celebrities these days?


Tbf a games tv show could be rlly good

If they let me do it

And let me play Deus Ex Mankind Divided for six consecutive hours

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I thought the co-host was alright but that was Go 8 Bit.

Still get guests on

But they just stand at the sidelines looking confused

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Because everyone else is in a reality TV show nowadays.

16 comments and no mention of big Dave?


Ellie Gibson? She’s great.

And wrote this excellent history of Gamesmaster too:


Her podcast, Extra Life, is good as well

Awful was probably harsh. She reminded me a bit too much of my ex wife.