Gaming 2019 - New Half-Life (Some VR nonsense) confirmed

I’m playing Shadow of Tomb Raider.


Playing ‘Fallout 4: Far Harbour’. Really good tbh, shows up how poor some of the main game’s missions are.

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Chapter five of Red Dead 2. Just had my mind blown, how big is this game?

Remember the lad trying to sell me the version with all the extra missions or whatever for an extra twenty quid or so when I bought it months ago. Bloody glad I never took him up on it, there’s clearly more to this game than I’ll ever be able to properly finish!

Mutant somethong something Year Zero (i cant remember the title) and Between The Gardens for me Clive.

Both newly added to gamepass and thought id give em both a shit as they looked great anf tbey both are. Mutant is like Xcom where u play as mutants and has quite high emphasis on stealth and picking off enermies before engaging in battle. Its an interesting take pn the genre and really refreshing. The fact you can avoid battles all togethwr but stealthly avoiding it is a great touch.

Between The Gardens is a beautiful and interestimg puzzle game where you control the environment and time for kids set in a pre determined path, its kind of lile Lemmimgs meets The Witness

I suggest peeps with an xbox and gamepass play these 2 games imediatly if they sound interesting. Avaliable on ps4 and Switcj as well (Between The Gardens) but is a new release so will probably be about 15quid or summat

I enjoyed Far Harbour waaay more than the main story.

I also got a bit of a taste for the Far Harbour version of Nuka (Buzz?)

Downloaded Nuka World yesterday for completeness too.

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I’m playing Hollow Knight, I think it might be my favourite ever game


Not played on my ps4/xbox a lot recently…just been doing the odd hunt to get monster hunter up to high rank before the DLC at the end of 2019. Been just playing BoTW, Into the Breach and Warframe on Switch.

. it’s the best Metroidvania I’ve ever played
. it’s the best looking game I’ve ever played, the art design and animation is stunning
. it’s the saddest and most melancholy game I’ve ever played
. the soundtrack is fantastic
. combat is satisfying and tense
. tonnes of secrets
. interesting world and characters


Flicking between Smash, Into the Breach & Lets Go Eevee at the moment. I’m enjoying collecting Spirits far more than anyone has any right to.

Bought that rhythm Rogue-a-like thing that was going cheap and Grim Fandango, but they’re joining the first South Park and LA Noire on my “parked” pile for now.

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Mostly golf story, 10 hours into that now.

Mixing in a smash bros, 30ish hours of that in now, just wish it had a proper online setup. As it is I only play in short bursts now, 15 mins at a time.

Finished the main story of Mario odyssey, still got hundreds of moons to get though, need to go back to it. Think I have 200ish in total.

In the queue not even started yet are south park (but whole), and Mario vs rabbits.

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Finished a game of Civ V (diplo victory as Bismarck) and started a game of Civ VI (with Rise & Fall) yesterday. I’m hoping Rise & Fall turns me on to Civ VI finally.

Might tuck into Skyrim VR on the PS4 as well.

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I’m currently juggling a few games:

  • mostly playing Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, just gave Team Rocket a good kicking and off to Lavender Town to go up the ghost tower. liking it so far, intentionally not using Pikachu has made it more challenging for sure as he was one hit killing everything in sight earlier in the game
  • still need to finish Zelda BOTW, done the divine beasts and done c.90 shrines, might go down the castle and see if Ganon’s home just to finish it off and then revisit the game later to do the remaining shrines/any DLC I fancy picking up. Good game, not blown away best game ever 11/10 for me Clive, but still very very good.
  • got Football Manager 19 Mobile as I fancied playing an FM game but wanted something a bit more lightweight than the full game. either I’m ace at it or it’s not that realistic as won the Championship with Brentford at the first time of asking (real life position currently 18th) without making any new signings, and then finished 7th in my first season in the Premier League with the same squad plus Callum Hudson-Odoi on loan and Ibrahimovic as a back up striker. third season going less well, signed a random German, who’s been a bit crap so far, and Martin Ødegaard on loan, who’s been a bit crap so far. oh well.

need to start playing F1 2018 again soon as well as thw super ultra serious racing league that I take part in kicks off again on Sunday and I desperately need the practice…

I like the look of that, will probably get it at some point. even though I do keep getting it and Shovel Knight confused.


Blown away by how much content is in the story mode of Smash

Couldn’t believe it when a whole second map opens up after defeating Gileem

Need to get back onto Red Dead at some point to finish it and also need to play more PUBG to justify buying it AND Playstation Plus just to play it

Been playing The Last Guardian.

I read someone describe it as “the worst best game ever” and that’s not far off the mark. 50% being in awe at the world and Trico and 50% screaming “what are you doing you feathered prick?! Why are you going that way?! These controls are shiiiiiiiiit!” at the screen.


Got a gift card for Christmas, bought Spiderman with it. It’s fun, and looks great. Swinging through the city feels as great as I’d hoped.

Still only an hour into into RDR2. Looking forward to losing some weeks to that.

Got Smash Bros and Odyssey on the go in the background, and my GF keeps wanting to play Mario Kart which is nice.

shovel knight is good too but just a really tight 8bit style platformer

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I played Mario Kart 8 on New Year’s Eve, as is traditional now in my house - still really enjoy it. normally end up playing it a fair bit in January as a result, as if I needed more games to play…

Mostly playing Artifact. It’s a really good game that everyone on Reddit really, really hates. You try to think “ah well, different strokes for different folks and all that” but then you read the actual complaints and quite a lot of them are literally “you have to think too much, I don’t like that I can’t play it while alt-tabbing” and weep.

Playing a bit of Smash single player but I hate all the gimmicky shite (i.e. everything that isn’t 1v1, no items, no bullshit stages) so World of Light isn’t fun for me at all. I don’t care enough to get good for online play so I’m not sure how much more I’ll get it out of it.

Started Grim Fandango the other day too. I’ve never played it but loved yer Monkeys Island and Indianas Jonses so I’m quite excited for this.

Extremely jealous.