Gaming 2019 - New Half-Life (Some VR nonsense) confirmed

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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New Fortnite X Star Wars is a lot of silly fun

I do like how silly their tie in events aee

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YESSSSSSSS fuck off delicate flower

Over 6 years since GTAV was released!

VR Fitness update part 2:

Added Pistol Whip alongside Beat Saber for my work outs to vary things up.
Resting heart rate has now dropped a further 5bpm and sitting mid 70s as opposed to high 80s when I started.
Blood pressure has fallen to the the higher side of the normal range
I am now able to do my walk to and from work (2hrs total) without any stamina discomfort, still get sore muscles as it works different muscles to what these 2 games do but the lack of Stamina issues/headaches/feeling of breathlessness makes it a lot more appealing to stick with. One problem though is I’m a big dude and as such I still get chub rub and sore feet from walking, I’m hoping this will go with further weight loss.

Weight loss: 1st 1lb since starting about a month ago.

I felt like I had hit a tipping point where I would never be able to get fit n healthy ever again as any form of excercise was embarrasing and painful but I feel my cardio is improving drastically to the extent I’m feeling encouraged to seek out more activitiy. Foot and Thigh Chaffing aside all my pains and sores are now completely gone. Once my foot pain and chub run is reduced I’m hoping to be able to walk to and from work every day and take up more high impact physical activities again.

Modeslty setting a goal of 4months to be able to participate in higher impact workouts/activities. Desperately want to be in shape again before festival season starts as my mass and sheer pain I was in at all times really made it hard for me to enjoy myself

Also not getting pins and needles nearly as often


thigh chafing

Spandex underwear. Been my saviour for long days out/multiple day trips.


ta I’ll buy some on Friday :slight_smile:

Was going to say before I read this, the same sort of thing - long, fitted boxers, anything that stops skin to skin contact. I know people who talk about rubbing deodorant there and stuff but I wouldn’t vouch for it.

Any of you lot played pillars of eternity? It’s gone on sale in the switch thread and I’m tempted

I found it a slog, and never finished it. Good moments and writing hidden underneath reams upon reams of po-faced lore layered on top of complex mechanics which often felt utterly opaque to me. Those who like it REALLY like it, but it’s for a very specific kind of video game player (massive nerds). I think Obsidian simultaneously resurrected the isometric RPG genre with it and killed it stone dead.

I recommend Tyranny as basically the same thing but much better streamlined.

Thank you! That’s very useful and I think I’ll pass!

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Has anyone here played Superhot or Ashen?

And if so, recommend them?

Super hot yes absolutely

ashen no… thought ashen was atroscious

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40 hours in, wasted a day and a half of my life on hollow knight. Why.

Goose game is on game pass today :grinning:

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I made a lot of roads today in Death Stranding and enjoyed being the material merchant for a fair few hours. Really enjoying it.

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proper interesting (to nerds like me) exploration of the town map outside the house in PT

contains a very unexpected jump scare

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I did this the other day and seem to have got an absolutely massive haul of likes as a result. plus it means I can run on the weird floating road and avoid the stupid MULEs and their electro-javelins

felt well smug yesterday when I went into their camp, nicked some cargo, jumped in one of their cars and drove off. lasted about two seconds before they disabled it and bundled me :cry: