Gaming 2019 - New Half-Life (Some VR nonsense) confirmed

I am enjoying speeding through Midgar at 3x speed in FF7. Genuinely, it has made going back to the game nice that I can speed it up when I want to, just want to experience it again.

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It’s great for grinding eh

For sure, was waiting for some people to arrive and spent ten mins just running round with Cloud and Aerith quickly doing battles. I am excited to go through the game again, thinking of all the cool bosses and things I will get to see again. Been driving my partner silly humming the Slums theme and stuff.

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Boy oh boy this is certaily a sexy looking game. And it’s going to render the whole world… in 1:1 scale!!! The weather and wind data will also be accurate

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Such a good game. Lucas Pope is a genius. There were a couple of really hard fates though - I did google one of them. I think it was the gunner’s mate. Really didn’t think it was that dude - he was dressed fancier than I was expecting.

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Like google maps?


It’s really well designed both as a story and in terms of giving you enough rope to independeny figure out the puzzles without it being mean or being really spoonfed.

Never really tried Papers, Please admittedly. Seemed interested but always struck me as a game where everything about it is kind of there in the description (I’m sure I’m probably wrong about tha)

They’re using Bing satellite data as a base and stream the data/render to you via the internet. It’s like Google Earth VR only higher fidelity (google earth VR uses goggle earth data to make 3d models based on the map data it creates these very rough versions of buildings and trees, its really weird, it feels like being in a dream) but this looks fantastic.

Got everyone (eventually) without googling I think, but there was a bit of trial and error here and there. I sussed the gunner’s mate as the gunner for a while and the gunner as 4th officer or something.

Was trying to work out how they’d managed all that texture work and were going to cover the whole planet. Smart.

Still a load of other stuff to do to keep it looking good though with joining images, geometry, setting up renderers etc. Will be some achievement if that hangs together.

Was playing the ‘Mothership Zeta’ add on for ‘Fallout 3’ and it is bugged asunder. Lost about six hours of gameplay.

my dad’s getting on a bit (he’s 88) and his favourite thing is google earth. i’d really like to get him a VR google earth experience. what a basic (as basic as you can get in vr) headset and computing requirements does anyone know i could get for him before he pops his clogs? on a budget obvs i don’t have a fucking job

merry xmas!

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Oculus Quest is probably the best all in one set up but still costs like £300 bones. Not sure what Oculus Go is like but is more like £200. Neither kit needs a p, the quest doesnt even need a smart phone

a p?

oh a pc. so i can get him something for £200-300?

Yeah oculus quest

Oh wait its 400 quid

maybe i can tell the benefits office i needed to make an emergency payment


New year new thread?