Gaming 2019 - New Half-Life (Some VR nonsense) confirmed

Beat the hornet in hollow knight, only took 2 evenings :+1:


never heard it c-



hope they bring idle thumbs back at some point


I’m hoping that when they finish In the Valley of Gods they’ll get back together and record some more.

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Hmm. I was convinced that you hear this in the “skate on my son” voice when you go out of bounds on Skate Heaven. In retrospect, it might just have been p me and my mate saying it to each other so many times in our best version of the voice that I started to believe it was real.

Really enjoying Prey in spite of the janky combat. Good balance of tension and then calm environmental storytelling once areas are temporarily cleared.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I’m really quite enjoying Rage 2, it’s a mix of Doom (new one), Borderlands and Mad Max, it’s not breaking any new ground but its good honest chaotic single player fun. The reviews are saying the environments are dull are a bit odd, okay its not Prey or Dishonoured 2 but its comparable with any other open world game. 25 quid on cdkeys too.

I’m replaying Mass Effect and it still stands up as one of my favourite games of all time. The universe is so rich with detail that you can lost in it, the combat is smooth and snappy, great performance from Jennifer Hale as FemShep and the deeper RPG mechanics add so much that was lost in the sequel.

Gonna bone so many aliens :grinning:


Tempted to dl it again for the ps4

Even though I def wouldn’t play it for ages

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Just found out that Life is Strange 2 has a sort of fix for the bizarre save game deletion problem

Thanks dontnod


Sorry, wasn’t really meant that way. In my head it was a reference to something on the game.

Dont worry I’m kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome. I loved the new Doom, that kind of stupid shooter fun is exactly what I want to wind down.

Aren’t they well dodge?

Nah, not at all. I’ve been using them for years and never had any issues, pay via paypal, they email you within minutes with a code and you type it into steam and your game is added to b your library. they buy legit keys from other countries where games are much cheaper and resell them. Some sites are a bit dodgy but cdkeys is legit.

Its hard to say where the keys came from but its usually from foreign markets. But there is always the chance theyre stolen

Ah fair enough then!