Gaming 2019 - New Half-Life (Some VR nonsense) confirmed

my character got to level 86 before i ‘fully’ levelled one of my skill gems in path of exile. the grind is real. i luv it.

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Yeah this is why I gave up on it unfortunately. I love it, but it demands more of my time than I’m willing to give it in order to keep progressing at a pace that I’m comfortable with.

If it ever gets ported to Switch though my life is over.

can be a bit frustrating to say the least. playing it ssf is super hard. it’s just not meant to be played that way. without being able to trade for maps, i can’t get the ‘right’ maps to drop to progress this shaper storyline. it took 3 or 4 days for me to get the tier 8 one it wanted me to do, so i’m contantly fighting monsters 10+ levels below me so it’s getting hard to get decent xp due to their weird levelling system (and when something one-shots my squishy witch and i lose 10% of it anyway, lolz).

i’ve only had 2 ‘blight’ maps drop. lasted 20 seconds on the first one and a whole 2.5 minutes on the next. also seem near to impossible to solo, even with a minion army of a million skellies. not realllllllly sure the game suits tower defense with the clunky ui they’ve made for it. (does make me wanna play ‘defense grid’ again tho)

maybe i’ll take the plunge to public league but i do wanna see how far i can get otherwise…

my friend just found this in fallout 76… :rofl:


Did my first Uldaman run throughs this weekend. All very exciting with the Indiana Jones vibes and the ancient lore and I hear Ragnaros is stirring but don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


intrigued by blair witch now, might pick it up

I’ve been playing a few smaller games recently:

Far: Lone Sails - Picked this up in the PS Store sale and got through it in one play through. Nice Playdead-like game, with less death and oppressive atmosphere. You have to get across the world with a big machine. You get attached the machine and there is a great late game moment of power related to the machine. It was about 2 and a half hours but I enjoyed it a lot.

Creature in the Well - Pinball-like dungeon crawler is how I would pitch it. You are an awakened robot who needs to restore power to a post-apocalyptic town by hitting balls of energy at stuff. It’s fun, but a couple hours in it has gotten repetitive, so maybe wait for a sale.

Knights and Bikes - Only given this a quick 45 minutes, but loved the style and tone of the game. Set in the 80’s you play two young girls on an island that seems to have been hit by financial issues and no one is visiting. Plays with the kid’s imaginations and has some great writing up to now. Excited to play more.

Blasphemous - Metroidvania-y, more of the Castlevania end, with lots of religious iconography and blood. I am sucker for these kind of exploratory games so instantly gel with it. Seems pretty fun, if just for some of the gnarly art and Dark Souls esque lore. See if it holds up with longer plays.

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Mother 3 is the weirdest, nicest game I’ve played in ages, it’s brilliant

EarthBound was great, but this is actually better. Loads of family drama, different characters with intersecting lives, a sense that the place is real and lived-in, even though this is a simple-looking GBA game (tons of character though). Dialogue is cute and well-written (and that’s the translation patch!)

I’ve played as Lucas during the tutorial briefly, then his dad trying to get to his family through a forest fire, then a thief nicking stuff from a deserted castle while his dad heckles him, and now I’m a monkey with an asshole handler who’s in league with the pig-masked baddies, who kidnapped my monkey girlfriend. Did games get loads more boring in recent years or what?

Haven’t played as Lucas since the very beginning, although he’s the protagonist, right? He’s the one in Smash Bros at any rate


Ahhh this is where I’m at in the game. Not that I can even get to the kings, because I can’t manoeuvre my way through the bits with the spikes, even with the mantis claw :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ok fine, I wasn’t planning on trekking all the way to Kalimdor to run Zul’Farrak but the Sharpbeak chain wants me to go there and I ended up getting the mallet completely by accident so I can hear what the game is telling me

Say hi to Captain Bly!


Control is so much better than I expected. I’m playing on PS4 without the patch but still loving it. (No internet at home right now)


Played some Wipeout VR the other night and it was fucking wicked.

want to have a go on that so much

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Are the tech issues affecting you much? I want to pick it up but with everything I’ve heard about performance on the base PS4 I am holding off for a bit, despite the tone and story sounding right up my alley.

It’s actually been patched to run considerably better but even without that patch, the game still shines.

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Mother 3: rescued the monkey from its asshole handler, now I’m Lucas at last!

So I’m playing as a shy kid from a suburb whose objective is to go and talk to the bass player in a band, didn’t realise this was an indie simulator lol

Because if there’s one thing the PC market needed it’s ANOTHER store/games launcher.

For fuck sake. You couldn’t hang onto this mortal coil a single day longer, could you. Prick.