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Ah fair enough then!

But theyre reliable

There’s a good article on them here

(short answer is yes, they’re legit.)

ME1 is my favourite of the trilogy by miles. I really like the sense of exploration and the way the humans are a junior newcomer to an existing galactic society. Better story than any of the others as well


If the first game had the shooty mechanics from ME2 it’d be close to perfect.

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I’ve suddenly remembered the point at which I rage-quit Hollow Knight the last time.

I am now at Watcher Knights.


It has reminded me that for allow that Hollow Knight is very heavily influenced by Dark Souls, I’ve always felt that it never got the whole fairness thing that DS games do, and that’s why I find it much more frustrating.

been thinking about how much I disliked Nioh recently for some reason. one of the biggest gaps between popular/critical consensus and what I thought in recent memory

though I did not git gud evidently

really wanna replay a Deus Ex

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So good

I know the freedom is illusory but that’s why it feels so open instead of revealing itself to be empty like yer big open world games

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PLUS it therefore keeps the momentum going dunnit? like you’re being edged to the story wherever you go and that means you don’t suddenly go “what’s next? fuck it i’m getting a pizza”

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Ain’t Thursday yet pal


when you’re xylo, every day feels like a thursday

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I’m going to go angrily mow the lawn now. Goodbye.



hollow knight is just dumb-level good. i’ve never been able to deal with the sheer dedication of learning bosses that Bloodbourne, DS have asked of me, despite being enthusiastic about the idea. In my head i imagine hollow knight as the training wheels version of that

My problem with Nioh was the lack of variety in the enemies. Entering a new location after 10 hours, then fighting the same guys from all the previous levels with the same attack patterns made me lose interest.

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I look forward to experiencing this in 2067.

(I am in the fungal zone, just beat up some mushrooms.)

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I completed Hollow Knight last year, so had to just go and check YouTube to remind me who the Watcher Knights were… And god I hated them. I think I would be fine with the toughness ok, if it wasn’t for the two or so minutes it took to reach them each time!

I’m currently playing a bunch of hard levels on Rayman Legends, which sometimes seem super tricky, but I just love the quickness of being able to retry the level and getting into it straight away in nice small chunks. Much more satisfying when you come across something really tough.

There are parallels for sure. I wouldn’t say that one is definitely harder than the other, it’s more that they implement difficulty in different ways. Personally I think the DS way is “fairer”, however you want to define that, but it’s just… different.

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yeah, the enemies got repetitive pretty quickly, which was a shame as it was meant to be about yokai! should have been so much more interesting. but I thought it was creatively bereft on pretty much every level - the level design was bad, no atmosphere whatsoever, the plot and storytelling were terrible (I did think there was potential in the combat which I never fully explored, and I liked the cat thing that popped up occasionally). there’s much more to bloodborne than just being hard

my brother played a bit of lords of the fallen, and from what i saw of it, it was a much more egregious entry into the ‘soulsborne, but bad’ genre, but still