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Also quite weirdly translated in places

can’t wait to grind warframe’s ‘plague star’ event into the ground until i hate myself

I bought it at launch and had a lot of fun with it. They were very harshly treated. Haven’t played it in ages but looking forward to starting over when they add in the PSVR support.

looking forward to getting stuck into this boss fight aaaaaaaaand it’s gone

Anyone played ‘Heaven’s Vault’? Half an hour in, pretty weird (in a good way).

watching the e3 final fantasy 7 remake thing while eating cereal

oh my god the audience and the presenters are really irritating

I’m sort of hyped for it but I don’t know why so many people I’ve seen who were doing the cynical gamer “oh this is going to be a garbage fire*” are suddenly emptying their innards over it. Barrett’s voice is pretty embarrassing

  • why do they always say garbage fire

This looks brilliant.


My mate used to be a programmer for a company that mainly made racing games, if you ever playing a game and got to add graphics to your cars, including national flags, and the first flag in the list happened to be Wales, that’s one of his.


The cringest presser I’d ever seen

Started again on My Time in Portia over the weekend. Basically, apart from a few Division 2 interludes, all I did all weekend. It’s still a bit of a clunky game in a way, but it’s also showing me how much of a massive game it is outside of a slow start.

Finished the spruced up HL2 Episode 1 last night. Thoughts on that and the second half of HL2:

  • I said before that HL2 was too long but holy shit is it too long. The whole ‘Follow Freeman’ chapter in particular - where you have to storm that museum and kill about twenty Tripods - can go suck a gigantic dick. Apparently Valve had way more planned, you were going to visit the Arctic and stuff, which boggles the mind.
  • With that in mind and playing E1 back-to-back with the original, I can see why they were drawn to the episodic format. I remember E1 getting somewhat panned when it first came out, because it is essentially just more HL2. However it makes a huge difference that each chapter never outstays its welcome, offering its distinct tone and set of challenges then moving you on to something else before it begins to wear. The chapter Lowlife in particular would’ve been a total slog had it been in HL2, but instead is cool and intense. They should have done the entire series like this in retrospect.
  • The mod updates the soldiers’ AI so that the regular Overwatch grunts happily use grenades of all kinds, including the bouncing pulse ones. This makes them 300% more obnoxious.
  • Generally hate AI companions in FPSs, particularly ones which have the distinct whiff of Poochy about them, but Alyx almost never gets in the way, and is remarkably reactive and helpful outside scripted events, so I have to admit she stands up well. I do miss the quiet melancholy when you’re stuck with her, though.
  • The way the zombies scream when they’re lit on fire: No. Nailing soldiers to walls with the crossbow: Yes.
  • Kleiner <3

More nice pictures!

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Episode 2 is so, so much better

Enjoyably niche intersection this


Hollow Knight: Silksong looking nice.

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Limmy basically got as far in Stardew Valley as I did :smiley:


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does anyone here play HOMM3?