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yep seems fun, finished the first set of levels the other day. wife seems to be enjoying it too :+1:

If you are into that type of game, buy it. I bought it over a year ago and it was still in early access at the time, it was at least 20 quid then I think. It’s got very deep mechanics despite the simplistic graphics.

I’d never heard of it before until listening to an Idle Thumbs podcast but after listening to their chat on it I was sold.

They start talking about it after a couple of minutes.

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The cancelled game Baldur’s Gate III has an impressively huge Wikipedia page given, you know, it never even existed:

Even Half-Life 3 doesn’t have that much information :smiley:

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It’s on sale on the Switch eshop btw

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the stock answer to this is The Stanley Parable, particularly good if you’re the type of person who likes to wander off in the opposite direction of where a game has told you to go, and if you’ve deliberatly ever tried to aggro a pushy NPC who keeps telling you to get a move on


Thread filled with Ai attempts to upscale games and is trippy/harrowing

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Top two moments : Adventuring music and the janitor’s closet.

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Janitors closet is great!

Thanks to a gaping lack of a social life, I’ve managed to get through a harrowing number of video games in the first half of 2019. Here are my unsolicited assessments.

Sunless Skies: Been back and forth on this and ultimately have to give the game two marks: One for its writing, the other for its gameplay. It’s a gorgeous, terrifying and brilliantly thought through world that begs you to immerse yourself in an alternative history where Queen Victoria became a demi-god and now rules from heaven. The dev’s decision to not include any way of speeding up travel utterly hamstrings it and ultimately will nark you off from fully exploring it. Shame. Writing 9/10 Actually fucking play it 3/10

Steamworld: Hand of Gilgamech: I had fun with this - it’s a cute and well designed combo-carder. I’m much harsher on card games since playing Slay the Spire though, which makes any game based upon resistances/weaknesses and squeezing measly percentages out of upgrades seem tired and rote. Game also suffers from a serious overdose of pallet swapping (there’s a dragon you wind up fighting about 6 times) and just frankly not being that involving. The weakest of the series imo. Score: 6/10

Baba is You: Superbly thought through and presented concept. Hard as absolute nails. Feel humiliated by it tbh. SCORE IS FUCK

Ape Out: Perfectly formed capsule of fun. Uncomfortable about how short it is. I wish to out the ape some more. 8/10

Void Bastards: I got plenty out of this roguelike-Bioshock-FTL-type-thing, largely thanks to the huge number of fun gadgets you get to mix n match whilst navigating around the derelict, David Firth-infested spaceships. The Judge Dredd-type visuals and universe were a (extremely bleak) treat, too. 8/10

Tyranny: This one is better than Pillars of Eternity on account of it being much more focused, and also because you can play it as a Darth Vader simulator. 8/10

May my judgements inform your purchasing decisions moving forward.


Currently deep in a final fantasy 14 hole and have just arrived at The Gold Saucer!!! Yesssss i love it