Gaming 2019




How does it feel to be partially responsible for your clubs turn around?


Feels good, man x


for once i, a n00b, get to be a person ‘waiting for other players’.

(digital extremes, pls turn on friendly fire)


Trico wasn’t too unruly for me on my playthrough! Think I had a couple instances where it was an obstinate bugger, but the technical issues were my main gripe. Like you said, when it’s working properly it’s phenomenal. Holding onto its back while it makes a huge leap is glorious!


I’m going to wade in and say I didn’t even find the limitations of Last Guardian negatively effected my experience. I liked that Trico was difficult to lead and would sometimes just turn around and jump in a different direction. Likewise the camera problems I’ve all but forgotten whereas the game I certainly haven’t. I think it’s a masterpiece and my favourite of Ueda’s games.


Resident evil 2 mocking me for how bad I am at it


I got this today too :smiley: guessing it’s cos I died a couple of times the same way (knocked myself off the platform with the big container thing in the second boss fight :clap:) and it figured (correctly) that I am shit


That is exactly where I kept dying


That’s the one that starts right off with you being assaulted by a huge wave of zombies isn’t it? If so I think that’s my record shortest playing time on a game. I got killed about three times at that point and then never played it again.


OK so this stole six straight hours off me this afternoon. Still a huge number of baffling objects and tasks in there. I found myself getting impressed by the terror concept, as you stray into a particularly dangerous area, the meter starts ramping up and the music gets more intense you genuinely start to feel it.

Not sure how to kill the spinster things. they seem to be indestructible.

Also need to stop crashing my train into the platforms when docking. Needlessly expensive.


glad it’s not just me then

of course, auto aim and easier enemies wouldn’t help in the slightest there, gg capcom


Just completed Life Is Strange 1.

Do not look at the edit history of this post else youll see a spoiler.


instantly looks at edit history


The main joy of exploration for me is discovering the wonderful names they’ve come up for stuff. Traitor’s Wood and Worlebury-juxta-Mare.

I also appreciate the somewhat lighter, more approachable tone over Seas (as well as it being far easier to make scratch). The Incognito Princess is hilarious.


Whenever I hear footsteps IRL I now get massive anxiety… thanks RE2

Its scary when ` Mr.X finds you but its even scarier when you hear him stomping around and slamming doors open looking for your


obviously saved the town, I’m not evil


Enjoy Marshmello on Fortnite!

I’m trying to get my head around the fact that 10 million people turned up to watch a ‘live’ ‘concert’ to do emote dances in a half empty field to terrible cheesy dance music and feeling a hundred years old.


Terrible Festivals 2019 Gaming Edition.


I mean, if simulating driving a truck or a tractor around for hours can be a major sub-genre…


I also think Awful Music Festival Manager 2019 would be a thing.
Just festival based spreadsheets rather than football.
“Congratulations you have booked Pendulum for Reading & Leeds!”