Gaming 2019



10 million people you say?

We need to brainstorm some ideas about how Disintegration State can tap into this lucrative market and their micro-transactions.


Of course it already fucking exists!

  • Get Ant and Bergkamp to do a tie in with FM19.
  • All performers to wear cartoonish outfits like this MarsHmello character. Can easily dress up as footy mascots to match the ‘brand’ of FM19.


Bagsy Kingsley


I already have a favourite image



That’s brilliant


At some point he’s going to have to look sad during a minutes silence :slight_smile:
Also a big fan of Luton using the butcher from League Of Gentlemen:

If fortnite can get 10 million for a marshmello lad and cheesy dance music I reckon DiS can get at least a few dozen in!


As far as I understand it we’ll need an emote dance for everyone to do (I vote the ‘laying down staring into the abyss’ or maybe the ‘motionless thousand yard stare’) and a 10 minute set with giant screen visuals, lazers and giant holograms, which is what all you lads have been working on for Manchester, right? We’re almost there already!


Hang on - we could have a Leg Bop emote! Of course!

Our path to megastardom has never been more clear.


I need to beat all of resi 2 just so i can play the tofu run


Ill have you know that Euro Truck Sim 2 is one of the cornerstones of pc gaming for a damned good reason!


Enjoy listening to Austrian classic rock radio on Euro Truck Simulator 2!


I’m playing last guardian at the moment, just coming to the end. It’s a fun and charming game and doesn’t out stay it’s welcome but the camera and controls do make it a clunky experience, and this is just controlling the boy not Trico. It def feels a bit more PS2/PS3 era. Still worth playing if your a fan of Ico and SotC I’d say.


don’t think I ever even unlocked Tofu on the original game, was shite at the Hunk mini game thing


The Hunk mini game was brilliant.
Tofu was good for novelty value.
Always play as Hunk in any Resi game I can (currently playing through raid missions in Revelations 2 with him)


oh it was definitely good fun, enjoyed it - not sure I ever completed it though. I’m always bad at whatever mini games they add on in RE games, I remember playing the mercenaries thing in RE3 loads but being absolutely awful at it.


Aye I wasn’t great at RE3 Mercs either.
RE4 mercenaries was excellent though!
Cant wait until RE4 drops on Switch.


That game is surely the most purchased game on multiple platforms? I have it on…4 consoles and can’t wait for switch


Maybe ff7 and Skyrim


Oohh yes. I was too sulky at Skyrim for completely breaking on me to ever get it a second time.

Ff7 I have got three times