Gaming 2019



Some of the games I’m most looking forward to this year are RE 0,1 remake and 4, FF7, 9 and 12 all on Switch.


Still never finished it


Ff7 is coming on switch btw


I know! Tempting. Sort of. I’m stuck in that funny snowy village on my PS4 playthrough. Furthest I’ve ever got.




Also picked up FF15 on PS4 as it was £6. Final fantasy games are always games I like the idea of playing much more than actually playing


Speaking of which i boilught kh3 yesterday after being at the pub for 6hrs. I have never played kh game before and they never reallly appealed to me, got slight buyers remorce but then thought about how i could do with some toy story after i get twatted by Mr X for the 10th time


I have Skyrim on PC, Switch and PSVR.


I’ve bought Rayman Legends on PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and WiiU. I might get it on the Switch for my lad.

Tremendous game.


I dont even like Skyrim and i have it on pc, had it on 360 and got it on switch… nuff said lol


Last Guardian is going to be my relief game. Helping a big cute lad do puzzles with surely alleviate the terror and stress


Agreed, deserves as much money as u csn throw it tbh (pc, 360, switch)


Ah yeah I got it on PS4 and switch. It’s the best


Big stompy animal sounds too much like big stompy zombie for me :scream:


Played and finished both and have never ever wanted to revisit either.
Linear, repetitive and underwhelming imo.

Remembers FFX laughing scene :unamused:


Might have literally pissed myself the first time I watched this.


I have literally no idea what the point of this is. I mean, the article says it’s so I can earn Xbox achievements on my Switch/phone, but that can’t be it because that’s so utterly banal that it cannot possibly be the point of this.


Just deleted FM Touch 19 from my Switch because I need to be a responsible adult and it was not helping me.

@Antpocalypsenow @bergkamp whilst I’m on the subject, I have often wondered why some teams (Arsenal, DR Congo, Serbia, Ukraine) always do so well on FM games, and have done for years. Maybe it’s just confirmation bias in that I noticed it once years and now it pops out to me whenever they do well, but it always seems like Arsenal are pretty dominant, DR Congo always make every World Cup and Serbia and Ukraine always seem to reach the latter stages of World Cups and Euros. Is this a thing?


Arsenal are a bit overpowered sometimes, in my IMO, on accounts of how it’s difficult to accurately model their real life mental fragility. All the data has to be from the point of view of how good the players are at their best and you can’t really argue with the individual ratings of a lot of Arsenal players, it’s tough to correctly model how rarely they actually perform to their potential though.

Those international team ones seem a bit odd to me, certainly have never noticed it consistently with those specific teams. We do check long-term balancing of tournament winners etc though and occasionally weird things do happen. You don’t have those leagues (Serbia and Ukraine) loaded in your game or anything do you? That distorts things by virtue of the game populating them with newgens more than inactive leagues.


Thanks. Nope don’t have those leagues loaded. has always seemed odd to me but I guess it’s mostly confirmation bias (although DR Congo definitely do qualify every time on my games).

Thank you for making such a great game that literally ruins my entire life every time I buy it.