Gaming 2019



Hmmm it is indeed a mystery!


I remember certain teams being overpowered being a perennial favourite on the researcher forums when I was doing stuff for them. Man those debates were something.


I’ve not played more recent versions, but in my experience City are always underpowered and Arsenal overpowered, and as far as I’m concerned that simply reflects the larger bias the media has for those teams as a whole. Anyway goodbye, switching my phone off now


Have a great afternoon!

Getting Guardiola teams to be as good as he gets them is really difficult without massively distorting the data on the players which would make things odd if/when Guardiola goes in-game


OoT of Time: got to the boss of the Shadow Temple… and it’s Master Hand from Smash. Or rather, Master Hand was copied almost exactly from these guys - same grab, swipe, slap and crush moves! Keep trying to triple jump and up-B it, then get annoyed at these stupid Hover Boots. I bet Kirby would wallop this thing.

Saw the JRPG Stella Glow (published by Atlus, who do Persona/Shin Megami Tensei) is half price, so I downloaded the demo… and it weirded me out. Decent combat and that, but the plot put me off: a male protagonist has to ‘tune’ several witches by entering their psyches to fight and thus resolve their trauma so they can fight for the army against another evil witch. I.e., women and their feelings are dangerous and only men can fix them. There was a seriously weird protagonist/stepsister sharing a bed scene that was presented as character building, but came across as fanservice of the creepiest kind.

Can’t think of a time I’ve been put off by a game’s story/characters like this - this is a mechanically-decent game marred by a gross narrative to the point that I don’t want to play it (and I’m a sucker for this type of thing).


Hero of New Winchester Specialist Dugnutt got merked by a temporary and entirely unfair alliance between giant bees and brigands in a nature reserve today. Absolutely disgusted.


I legit got whiplash going from resi 2 to this


Also Apex Legends looks like it might be a winner


Must be a world record! I’d rather have had that luck in the form of a lottery win, but I’ll take what I can get

(next run, the game crashed and when it reloaded, I randomly had no Book of Belial (I play Judas) or map, and also got screwed by shit items, haha game v funny)


Metro anouncing news at the inside xbox tonight, rumour of game pass launch begins


Yeah it’s pretty dangerous up there, but not as dangerous as the far western side.

Are you cheating and going back to save points or going for a new captain each time? I started with the latter, but have gone for the former a few times lately (I am really bad at shooting anything).


Completed the A campaign for resi 2 last night. Love it love it love it


anyone know much about graphics cards? my gf’s new laptop has a “amd ryzen 3” i think, does this mean i can get some games??


that’s a CPU isn’t it


haha, i have no idea about computers, i just saw the sticker just now, and under it there’s another sticker saying “radeon vega graphics”.


Aye yeah so Ryzen 3 will be the series of processors. It’s at the lower end but still could be pretty decent. The Radeon Vega thing probably means it has a dedicated graphics card separate from the CPU so that’s good for a laptop, they don’t always have that. If you go into the ‘About this PC’ section or whatever on Windows, you should be able to find the exact models for each and then put them into a benchmark site (e.g. and it should give you an idea of what you can run




There’s also which let’s you select a specific game and will tell you if it will run


The nature reserve is in the south west corner for me. The maps change with each fresh game… Or if your captain didnt manage to pass on their map.

I’m playing it ironman style for now, but i’m going to ditch it after Comrade Grintles meets his unpleasant end (for all there’s a tantalising achievement for taking it to a seventh generation). The hook of the game is seeing the stories through, and having to constantly restart them isn’t fun - this sort of game is not at all well suited to permadeath.


Have you opened the box though? I’m quite proud to say i haven’t tried yet.