Gaming 2019



Resi 2 baby


All this RE2 chat made me remember that George A Romeo himself directed the Japanese RE2 trailer in the 90s.


Don’t mean to brag, but I’ve just dropped that little old package off at its destination. Nearly starved my crew doing it mind.


Enjoy yourself! Its a masterfully paced experience that is easy to lose hours in just wandering abooy (in a good way)


We’re stuck in the police station. Can’t find the third emblem :smiley:


No Metro sadly (to be expected) but the following will be added:
Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Batman Return to Arkham (Arkham Asylum and City) with Xbox One X enhanced visuals and performance (I cannot wait to replay Asylum), Crackdown 3, The Walking Dead (Season 1), De Blob and Pumped BMX Pro


warframe update: been fishing.


Damn didnt even know you could do stuff like that.
Youre tempting me back in haha.
What system you playing on?


FYI: TimeOut have half price tickets for the final 2 weeks of that V&A videogame exhibition.


Gonna play some Apex tonight. Think it’s the first time doing online miutliplayer since Uncharted 2 or 3. Either way - been years.


anyone playing Fortnite? Could do with a PSN buddy to help me do the dance-off challenge



Beat Master Hand on the train today, hell yeah, have some of that for spoiling the Sheik reveal! Doing the sneaky fortress mission again now, proper Splinter Cell styles

Calling it now: the last sage is blatantly Zelda. There aren’t any other characters left for it to be, apart from the horse that is


Downloading Hitman Season One from PS+ at the moment. Never played a Hitman game before. Probably play it for 5 mins decide that there’s too many cut scenes and then never play it again like most free games. (Games in general, TBF)


sweet. glad i held off/forgot about it. just got a couple.


I will add you when I get back, although I avoid Fortnite really (so bad at it)

btw @pip did you add me? I wasn’t sure if it was you or a random


I downloaded it the other day because it’s on Xbox Game Pass. Like you, never played it before, but I’m finding it quite enjoyable. Not really any cut scenes involved once you’re past the intro, there is the odd bit of hanging around for a couple of minutes waiting for something to happen, but there’s not much of it.


There is minimal story


I agree with you totally. It’s ridiculous and is either parody or simply idiotic


Hitman games are ace, pure gameplay and very little plot. They’re built for endless replayability. I’ve just finished Hitman 2 and theyve even done away with fmv cut scenes, it’s just a very difficult to follow slideshow now


Sounds like my type of game. Just something i can drop in and out of whenever i want