Gaming 2019



Think Hitman was my GOTY in 2016. Had # 2 since Christmas and having to wait until the thinly veiled moves in as she wants to play it together.


Yeah ive been in super saver mode for months and couldn’t justify the original price - so glad this popped up. They had a similar deal for the Kubrick exhibition.


Who says it isn’t Epona?


Been playing through The Messenger…enjoying it but my god the difficulty spike where I am at the moment. I really don’t like how protracted the boss fights are, I understand I need to get down the rhythm but repeating 3 minutes of patterns to get back to where I was is really frustrating. Not sure why this game over many other difficult games I play is getting on my nerves, but it is really grating me.




I want to give this a go too because I love Titanfall. As it’s F2P, does that mean you don’t need PS Plus to give it a go is what I want to know. I haven’t paid for PS Plus since I got a Switch.


Nah my PS+ lapsed a few months ago and I downloaded it last night.


Ah, I see there is an Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster on the way. Well joke’s on them, the original has been sitting unplayed in my Steam library for the last 5 years!


Best place for it: shit protagonist, and boring, boring game. Never completed any of them but gave up in record time on that one.


I was playing them all in order and Revelations dragged a bit so I took a break when I finished that and never came back to them. :man_shrugging:


Mine is still in the plastic. :+1: Absolutely loved the premise, the negativity at launch just put me off. Same for Mass Effect 3.



Also I’m pipofrage if anyone else wants to add, though I’m in full soulsborne mode at the minute so obviously not so good with co op


Second one is probably the one I’ve come closest to completing. Didn’t have any complaints about Black Flag particularly, but they just wear you down after a while.


oh my god look what they’ve managed to do with restoring the FFVII backgrounds!

Almost want to buy the steam version just for this


Lads, is there any way i can I use a generic USB controller with Steam?


Should just work? If not, go into the Big Picture mode then dick around with the controller settings. Might be a box to tick to allow generic controller support.


Tetris effect in vr is b e a u t i f u l and feels like an out of body experience at times


So Just Cause 4 then

Similar to 3 in so many ways - but overall not as much fun for me.

I really miss taking down statues, and other random acts of destruction. V4 really pushes you into some tedious missions, that are extremely repetitive (push some buttons, fend of bad guys while the system gets hacked, repeat!)

I’m still relatively early on into the game (the map is huge) but I’m really not that keen to play it heaps


sigh. went and got another puppy. i’ve called him fat genji (after a comment my flatmate made about the rhino warframe). the first thing he did out of incubation was drag his arse along the floor of my ship.

also went through a ridiculous grind to buy some dyes for him off one of the traders in orb vallis or the plains but i can’t apply them until he’s matured for combat. not sure i want to take him for combat (tho he’s a fighter dog unlike my other one which is a stealth dog) cos i really like my diriga companion which continuously zaps people with electricity. it’s modded up enough it one-shots low level enemies, which is hilarious to me cos i just run around looting and barely need to shoot a single bullet. it also traps synthesis targets in an arc coil, which is super handy.

anyway, now i need a cat.

sorry what is this game again? i think we’re meant to get pets and buy clothes so i believe i’m doing it right. i think that’s the plot.


i found this tho