Gaming 2019



finally dungeon crawling in Persona 5. Had this whole tutorial about registering my personas and stuff that I have no idea what they’re on about


Always turned off from JRPGs by that kind of thing. Have to sit through twenty minutes of godawful cutscenes before you get to a twenty minute explanation of the mechanics, and then maybe you’ll get to bop a slime on the head. Fuck that.


they’re like pokemon.


anyone played the farming simulator joints?

How does the multiplayer work? you’re all “workers” on the same farm I assume?
Can you make pigs smoke?



Yeah - I think only the host controls the money and can buy stuff from memory, but the others can do anything else.

I mean… generally you have to send the pigs off to the slaughterhouse before you BBQ them. I think the game only goes as far as selling.


ok ta


Gotta catch em all

I like getting em, it’s like a cross between Pokemon and Undertale


Just want to play Crash Team Racing ffs, what’s taking them so long.

I genuinely believe that if there’s money to be made in CTR e-sports, that’s my ticket to millions.


ooo I’ve never ever seen that before!!!


Dude i needed to post album of the day and literally got delayed by 1 hour because i had to sit through 1hrs worth of cutscenes before getting to a save point in kingdom hearts 3


You can see me slowly losing my sanity in that thread


Arkham Knight has taken a bit of a pasting on here but is it worth it for under a tenner on the PS Store? I’ve played Asylum and City so I’m interested in terms of following the story rather than some mad driving ting.


Its fine
The forced batmobile sections, especially the tank ones suck, the rest is more batman


Haven’t the missions in Just Cause games have always been really basic and tedious? The fun has just been in wingsuiting around and destroying things as creatively as possible, I think.


With Apex Legends i think ive finally found my Battle Royale game. The contextual pings are excellent for communicating with team memebers (its 20 teams of 3 as opposed to solo)


I was really cynical going in, but it’s pretty great! Some small things I like: no pointless pre-game area, no parachuting, no freaking fall damage!


That’s the issue though - you don’t really get much of a chance to just randomly roam around blowing shit up, you HAVE to get in and do the tedious missions


Yeah it’s the best BR game I’ve played, I like that it’s more about running around all over the place shooting people up close than crawling though grass and hiding in attics with sniper rifles. Bit disappointed it isn’t just Titanfall 2 with 100 huge fuck-off robots though.


I love that u can tag enermies when ur dead too so your team can get the upper hand if ur picked off


If this does well and follows the model of Fortnite, surely there are modes coming with Titans and huge mech battle modes.