Gaming 2019



Hopefully. There’s a bit in this article about why they removed mechs and the wall running from Titanfall, they couldn’t get it to work well.


awww yeahhhh my new frame lookin’ gooooood


Is apex legends free to play? Might give it a go tonight (cor what a party animal I am)


Yup and the microtransactions are completely unintrusive


Fuck me Tetris Effect is magnificent. Distractingly beautiful, but when you hit that spot of rhythm and form you just go somewhere else entirely. So jarring when you start fucking up and realise you’re a clumsy flesh sack again!


titans aren’t missed in apex legends cos let’s face it - they’re the worst part of titanfall anyway. why slog it out in a titan when you’ve got such a mobile ‘pilot’.

but man, apex legends is just more… battle royale? i can’t get into it yet. i think i’m just burnt out on br.

ping me when i can get a dog in it.


I like Persona 5’s critique of capitalism [/wank hat]

that stealth bit I just did in the first dungeon was a right dickhead tho


Are u playing it like other brs or are you doing what im doing and being way more aggressive and freely running around knowing you wont get sniped by soneone in a bush and playing it more like a traditional fps with bathroom breaks. Because it clicked with me after i started doing that


I’m tempted to pick up FM Mobile for my ipad as I also fancy having a more lightweight than buying the full game. To what extent is it lighter? Would you recommend it for veterans?

Perhaps I should be aiming this at @Antpocalypsenow @bergkamp instead.


Way, way lighter and way, way easier. If you’re an FM veteran you’ll find it very lightweight I’d say. It’s good for really quick seasons and fast progress though. If you’re iPad can run it, FM Touch is the product for you, less in-depth than the main game but considerably more of a simulation than FMM


Yeah, exactly as @Antpocalypsenow has said.

FM Touch was essentially made for people whose experience lies in the main game, but simply don’t have enough time to dedicate it anymore. You have a lot more autonomy than you do in the mobile version, yet everything is a lot more streamlined and ‘simpler’ than FM. It strikes a good balance imho.


Thanks lads @Antpocalypsenow @bergkamp

Reckon I’ll pick up a copy of FM Touch then, ipad should be good enough to run it


That hell level with all the ritualistic chanting properly took my breath away, felt like I was in another dimension


Yeah! It’s amazing how they’ve turned this block game into a transcendant experience. Crazy really!


Mad how a game from 1984 is the quintessential VR experience


Or to put it another way, FM Mobile is designed as a gateway drug to drive people to FM Touch.


Think that’s why I held off getting it for so long - I just didn’t get it as an idea. But when you actually play it…


If you like Tetris Effect may I recommend Polybius. Its far less medative than TE, in fact I would call it stressful, but its mind blowing and really cheap on the playstation store. It follows the same formula of old game ideas working incredibly well in VR. Its from the creator of Tempest.

I know it’s cliche to say it but it really did resemble a really intense coke/MDMA rush


Okay yeah that sounds incredible! Just have to play Tetris after to mellow me out! Thanks for the recommendation! :slightly_smiling_face:


no i’m playing it like a shooter and it’s just like every other br game where you run around looking for loot and occassionally run into someone. boring af.