Gaming 2019



Wild, i ended up in an inferno with 3 teams launchig grenades at each other in the middle of an airstrike, i didnt get anything like that in the others


playing Mario Galaxy 2, still the best platformer ever made



I hear this is good but come on now


I haven’t played SMG2 either. I suspect you are right but actually moving your head to peer around corners so as to check if you can land on them is a lot more fun than it sounds.


Just had a firefight that lasted 5mins in apex really intense stuff, lots of explosions, tactical retreats last minute revives and what. We ended up winning because someone jumped in front of me whilst i was hiding in cover and i got a panic headshot, felt real good!


The shooting in this gane feels so good, i love that u dont just melt and have achance to comeback from an ambush


After 10 years away from online multiplayer shooters I think I’m actually doing better than expected in Apex. Won a game and got top 3 loads a bunch of times whilst playing offensive and defensive.


Still feel i’m doing ok whilst also panicking massively / making wrong decisions / totally forgetting the abilities etc.

I’m ALIAS-ZERO on PS4 btw folks.


I love the fact that Kingdom Hearts exists. Like I don’t want to play it but the mere fact it exists and the out of context videos I see are just utter insanity


Playing it, currently RPGing with Buzz and Woody in the toy store looking for Hamm. We are in an alternate universe where Buzz’s laser actually works


Thats not even me explaining why Buzz can use his laser, its cannon yo


this has done me


i think i’ve stolen this idea from somewhere but i’m kicking around playing an RPG “in-character” as someone well known. so like i would play fallout as kanye or something, and put it on twitch.

this will probably go the way of my sicilian mafia podcast.


the bit with donald and the ingredients :smiley:




Seriously cant stop laughing


I finished Shadow of Tomb Raider tonight. It was OK. I’m still going to collect all of the collectable things tomorrow and will probably do the DLC later in the year but I might be done with Tomb Raider.


Lara is the most unlikable video game character ever in this game. The combat was worse than the other games and it felt kinda disjointed? It was fine but tbe change of dev defo hurt it, the tombs were pretty good though and plentiful


I like tombs (and I think they’re the bit that’ll bring me back in 2021 for the next one) but I wasn’t sure if I’d just gotten bored of the rest of it.