Gaming 2019



Nah it was deffo worse structurely and feeling


I feel like life would sometimes be easier if I had a talking cat who kept telling me I was tired and to go to bed


Massively stressful when it speeds up.


have a load of games to finish, such as, spider man, red dead. just get distracted chilling with cities skylines. hypnotic game.


I dig Oberon, although he’s not a super powerful he’s a good all rounder.


Got a ton of gaming in this weekend. Tried out Apex Legends, it’s such a well crafted game but really suffers from the people that play it. Battle Royale types are hardly known for their squad gameplay.

Had a quick go on The Division 2 beta, plays well, more of the same, graphics look worse than the original, don’t like the menus…riddled with bugs. I’m confident I’ll be getting it on day one still.

Also, spent most of my day in Destiny 2. Can’t beat that shooting.


So I started Bloodborne at the weekend. Only played Demon Souls before but it’s similar enough to get how to play it. I defeated the first boss and explored a fair bit after that. Then I read online that as I accidentally attacked other hunter NPC she’'ll forever aggro me so I think I’ll have to restart. I’m not too far in so shouldn’t take too long to get back there but a bit annoying. But any tips on starting class, what to level up first, early hints etc?

I also started Rise of the Tomb Raider yesterday so I think I might run through that first before going back to bloodborne.


Resident Evil 2 B campaign

The entire time in the police station is such a different experience to the first campaign in terms of the constant stress and anxiety of being chased by Mr X right from pretty much the off


What I like about Sunless Skies is that it will tell you that Queen Victoria killed the Sun, and then invite you to fly over the vast, black disc in question, really take in the terrible enormity of it.

Then when you get back into port your maiden aunt is there making a fuss, and you have to do something with her.


Is Rise the Siberian one?


Yes, I’ve basically just done the first Siberian bit. I really enjoyed the reboot and this is more of the same with a few extra bells and whistles. A bit more tomb raidering with better hidden tombs too.


The Baba Yaga DLC is worth getting too.


Cool, I’ve got the PS4 version that came with the DLC so I’ll give it a go!


The Storm That Speaks Has Noticed You. I love how good Failbetter are at quietly unsettling update notices. Really need to play this soon.


The gear you acquire helps tremendously in the main game.


Ok, so it’s worth doing as soon as possible then?


I have a really poor focus on the actual story of any game so I got distracted by the person who supplies the mission almost immediately.

I’m sure the bits where the gear was useful would be fine whether you have them or not though.


I find Tetris Effect VR really difficult. Never been a Tetris expert (I didn’t have a Gameboy in my youth or anything), but I don’t think I’m totally shit at it. But I think it gets too fast too quickly.


Resident Evil 2 is fantastic. Would never have considered buying it without the demo probably but I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Had the adrenaline pumping quite a few times.

The feast and famine approach to green plants and ammo is a little frustrating and I dunno how bothered I’ll be about playing more of it once I’ve completed it but right now I’m having a whale of a time.

I take it when the items have a red tick it means you’ve exhausted their usefulness?


Yeah that’s right