Gaming 2019



Nice piece this


also wondering of anyone has seen Life 2.0?
(very good)


This was really lovely. Got a bit misty eyed towards the end.

I’ve not seen Life 2.0 - added it to my Netflix list, sounds relevant to my interests.


worth your time
(spoiler - the black woman is the only sane/well-adjusted person)


and baba yaga is worth playing before you beat the main campaign cos you get a sweet bow out of it


oh. this has been covered already. as you were.


I’ve never been able to entirely get my head around Kingdom Hearts, and this video has left me even more stunned and confused that it exists.


Ha yes! I just got to the B campaign last night. Walking down a corridor expecting a licker and then bam! mr. X appears around the corner…

I also feel like he’s walking a bit faster too? Though maybe that’s just in my head.


What is your guys/gals opinion on god of war? Seems to be pretty universally acclaimed so I decided to pick up a copy. Haven’t played it yet as my time is consumed by resi 2…


Its really good, looks fantastic and plays well. Story is kind of whatever, but its the best metroidvania on PS4


Perfect. Sounds right down my alley then.


Definitely better at pursuing on this campaign. I can’t get away from him


Really enjoyed it. Combat was fun and the relationship with BOY worked well.


This is next on my pile.


It’s fantastic


has anyone done ‘the second dream’ quest in warframe? is this the big ‘twist’ people keep talking about? it just got more complicated. now what do i do with this new… thing? pls respond with spoiler tags for those not wanting spoilered.


oh nvm looks like i need to grind my way to sedna and do ‘the war within’ to find out what all this new nonsense does

complicated game got complicated…er


I played Tacoma and liked it. Why do I enjoy rooting through bins so much?! Plus it got me onto Floating Room, who are a nice band.


TIL M.Bison got arrested at a recent Comicon


It’s about time they busted that bastard. He’s not exactly subtle with his crime lordery.