Gaming 2020 🛹 - Bugsnax! Viking Assasins! and new consoles Yakuza ma tatta what a wonderful phrase

Yeah my God Mode level just hit 28% and it made the first world very easy.

Someone got a PS4 copy of Cyberpunk and streamed the first 20/30 mins. Trying to avoid, but apparently they was high a/f so didn’t really show much haha.

Saw a few people mention the base PS4 version looked fairly smooth (even missing the day 0 patch) which is promising for me.

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Finally feel like I know what I’m doing (sort of) in Fallout 4. Took me almost to the end of the main quest. Gonna have a rest from Bethesda games for a while after I finish up.


Yes I’m watching a Tim Rogers review on Pacman live, yes its going to be 3hrs long

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The speed run courses on Astros playroom are so addictive
I’m current 5113 in the world

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Another spoiler thing for anyone who’s completed Obra Dinn:

The comment combined with the user picture of Ainsley :smiley:


Not convinced by Wreckfest’s single player.The daft events can be fun, but the races veer between boring and annoying. While it’s presumably intentional given the state of them, the cars are a pig to drive.

Ace Combat 7 off to a great start though, looks awesome and is so much fun to play.

“I was a discerning three year old!”

Twenty-five minutes in and this is great.

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Yakuza 7 enemy spoiler

I fought a Roomba. 10/10.


Pacman is for robocops :laughing:

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done the new destiny 2 campaign. thought it was real nice. had to stop zoom zooming round places sometimes to take a look at all the little details they’ve put into things. now it’s opened up a whole new reputation grind (yay) and my quests menu is about to go over onto 3 pages. i think this could take a while.

not sure if the stasis grenades were a good idea, even if you can shatter them. imagine a game where everybody is mei from overwatch.

also my friend happened to be standing in exactly the wrong place when i triggered a boss fight, causing me to snort laugh for a good solid five minutes


Hi is Destiny 2 good now? Might seem ridiculous but this gif makes me want to play it again.

Not sure i’m going to get properly stuck into crusader kings 3. had a nice time with it this weekend but it’s still a bit too full on.

Think my time for massive strategy spreadsheet time-sinks like this and FM has passed, and that’s fine.

if you throw some money at it, otherwise it’s a bit of a shell.

let’s see what the steam reviews say:

“this game sucks but its fun, weird relationship”

“Good game. Gets a little boring after 1k hours.”

“Needs a flying knee finisher.”

"Not Recommended
171.1 hrs last two weeks / 2,447.2 hrs on record (2,265.6 hrs at review time)
Product received for free

My favorite game. I hate it"


I played a lot when they first made it free, was really fun and addictive for the first 30 or so hours, love the visual design and the flow of it but then it got really boring when you were running through the same areas over and over again to maybe level up from level 905 to 906. Quest tracking was horrendous, dozens of quests and items that there’s no indication what they are for.

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bizarre that all the strikes felt like story set pieces but you just play them completely out of context of everything, dialogue will start up out of nowhere and there’s no sense that they change or do anything.

quest tracking is indeed awful. i’ve taken to writing shit down on a bit of paper instead

the strikes are weird. i did a strike which had a whole section from the new quest, before i’d even got to the part of the quest.

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It might be less of a mess now they’ve scrapped half the content though?

i’m a new player so it’s hard for me to say

i feel like the free version just exists for pvp

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