Gaming 2020 - Christmas sales now live across multiple storefronts

Its dynamite

Brothers is lovely

Haven’t played it since it was on PS3 so I’m really looking forward to it! It’s not very high stakes either so should go down alright!

Why did I think it was two player?! Downloading Rayman instead.

I enjoyed reading the staff notice boards. Such a great game - you’re in for a treat. I finished it a couple of months ago, will definitely be buying the expansions at some point.

Would anyone be interested in screwing each other over in a free-to-play, online, real-time, Stellaris-lite, strategy game?

Does anybody want some free vidya? Well, postage would be nice but yeah…

Heavenly Sword - PS3
Brutal Legend - PS3
SMT: Digital Devil Saga - PS2
Viewtiful Joe - PS2

Bump for the morning penoid crew

whoops, i accidentally completed one of the ‘end game grind’ challenges for the first time. might be time for a break? lol no

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Witcher 3 is 5 today! Thats a decent game.

Well, rather a brilliantly written story and set of locations / characters. The gameplay itself ain’t so hot. I liked it a lot though

Playing GTA IV. Never got into it but quite liking it this time

Downloading that free GTA V.

94gb??? What the actual, is this what games are like these days

Biggggg AAA games with online components, yes. And stuff like FF7 Remake and RDR2. The ones with the very fancy open worlds and realistic graphics.

The average current gen title is about 30 GB, though.

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My brother just posted this on reddit and it really blew up. Thought you guys’d like it here too. Such good times. :slight_smile:


Can’t imagine how bad that room must have smelled


We always got an indian takeaway first, so could smell nothing but Chicken Tikka Sandwiches!

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Still do this with some pals most Christmas breaks with the MCC, four tellies, two rooms, usually around 12 people


Is the first boss in Control ridiculously hard or am I missing something obvious?


Use the cover a lot, I remember finding it tough, pop out and use the throw move. Combat gets better when they add more powers.