Gaming 2020 🛹 - Microsoft Buys Bethesda (well Zenimax actually)

Probably a bigger endorphin rush than pulling the trigger on a MSI Z390-A PRO Motherboard ATX, LGA1151, DDR4, LAN, USB 3.1 Gen2, Type-C, M.2, RGB Mystic Light, VGA, DVI-D, Display Port, Intel 8th and 9th Gen, tbf


What you on about. You get a new shiny and a lego set


yeah don’t think i’ll be getting a ps5. even soulstorm looked a bit rubbish from the new preview, ffxvi looks like write-off. might regress even further and get a commodore 64 or something.


Shiny new thing.

Nah but seriously. Quicker loading and hopefully not sounding like a jumbo jet, plus I don’t need to think about it for another, hopefully, six seven years ish, think I’ve had my ps4 for 7 years. Plus it means I don’t need to think up what I want for my birthday/Christmas.

Also d**** s**** which I’ve never played. Plus it looks like there are things in that ps plus collection that I’ve not got around to.

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Can confirm.

are any of those launch titles new IPs or actual fresh games?

Had a think about it, and think I’ll end up gaming the same amount, but just splitting my time with the Switch, and not actually getting any more fun out of it. Might change my mind when some games I’m really interested in are announced, but think it’s a no for now. Will keep an eye out for a bargain PS4 though.

In 2020 mate? Come off it.


Fair point. Avengers all in is something stupid like £240 isn’t it?

What kind of magic CPU is dual generation?

Half and half and soldered together


Not really you get the battle passes for the included characters for free!!

But they take ages to complete and there is an option to buy levels… with money. … and all future battlepasses for each character will cost a tenner… where you can also pay to level up the battle passes… after spending 55 quid in the game

preordered mafia remake instead of a ps5

Almost pre-ordered a PS5 twice. Both times I hesitated and lost out. Going to try the Argos pre-order which goes live tomorrow, and if I don’t end up with one from that, I’ll just wait till next year.

Yeah it’s a bit absurd to say this, but knowing that I’ll get a PS5 eventually, I’d rather have one sooner so I can play PS4 games with a quieter setup. If the PS5 sounds anything like as loud as my PS4, I’ll be quite disappointed.

both my PS4 and PS4 Pro are ridiculously noisy, but the Pro seems really weird in that most of the time it’ll be fine and then out of nowhere it’s a jet engine because I opened a particular menu that is somehow more demanding than the actual gameplay?

hopefully the PS5 is better but we’ll see

A weird issue I’ve found in the past year is that going to the menu in most games causes the fans to really make some noise. Doom Eternal was the worst for this. It would be quite loud while playing it, and then go crazy when I paused it. If left on the menu for a while, like 5 minutes or more, then unpaused, the overheating message would appear and it would crash. Spiderman did this too, but some games have no rhyme or reason to it. Life is Strange 2 was as loud as The Last of Us 2 which seems odd.

I think my PS4 probably needs new thermal paste, but I’m not sure if I can be arsed to crack it open and mess with that. I probably should, as about a third of my posts in this thread are me whining about it. It’s just, SO LOUD.

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was it always like that or does it just need a clean?

NOOB Question.
Will probably get the new xbox, but how long do games normally stay on game pass? Are they just there a few weeks and then they’re gone and you would need to buy them? Are there going to be any changes to this with the new xbox have they said?

I am getting/thinking of getting

  • PS5
  • xbox series x
  • xbox series s
  • something else
  • I am not getting anything

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