Gaming 2020 - Xbox series X press conference Thursday 23rd July 17.00pm

I quite enjoyed that zombie one from a few years back, deadlight? Looks like that but with more atmosphere. It’s on PSnow anyway so i’ll give it a go.

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Never played that but looks very similar at a glance. Wikipedia had this quote so think you’re onto a winner

These flaws are the difference between Limbo 's transcendent excellence and Deadlight 's mere greatness."[33]

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Yes it’s brilliant

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Yeah it’s good for an afternoon. Think inside and limbo were a tenner together not long ago


my wii-u sold for a decent price, just bought myself a switch with mario oddysey, botw and xenoblde chronicles 2 (for the tv). prob pick up DP2 soon as the next patch comes out. might finally play dead cells.

wot else i need?


Slay the Spire


Hollow Knight, Sword Bois: Three Houses

I’d say smash bros but you’d probably hate it

Played HK already and yeah smash aint my thing really. Slay the spire screenshots are making me a bit itchy.

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Animal Crossing, obviously.

In fact just get all of these + Fire Emblem.

oh yeah fire emblem looks dece

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Probs my fave game on switch

No one in the world has put more than about 4 hours into mario maker 2 have they? Such a waste of a game

Yeah ok not that one, I have some regrets.



You’ve got enough single player fun to last you an eternity!

I’d say Rocket League but it’s about to go free to play, so pick it up then. Fortnite, Asphalt 9 and Warframe are free too.

Maybe a chill game or multiplayer title? Like Picross or Splatoon 2.

If he likes any of those games I will eat my own face


well i’ve played botw already but it was in a bundle so thought it’d be good to have, will probably replay ahead of a sequel. xenoblade is strictly for the tv, she loves those games. not for me, clive. most excited for DP2 but sounds like it’s going to be a slow process to make it playable.

yeah, nope.

Haha, yeah I can’t say I’m a fan of then either. But just think that there’s so much single player stuff to get stuck into, a little palette cleanser might be good.

Streets of rage 4 has become mine actually.

What sort of thing do you like? Favourite games ever? Also, own any other machines?