Gaming 2020

he’s only just left though, hasn’t he? Presumably if they’re anywhere near announcing it, they’ve already been working on it for years.

It’ll be shite either way

Dunni about shite but I am already imagining how poorly written a gta game made under the trump administration is gunna be

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the only thing I ever really liked about any of them was when The Sisters Of Mercy came on the radio in GTAIV

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Even if they announce it look at how long RDR2 took to come out, I’d rather not know tbh

I thought C3PO was the one who came out


Excited to read what you make of Act 5. I just finished it today and wow!

Need to gather my thoughts on it all but I’ll probably replay this in a few months, and when I do I’ll feel more suited to go through it slowly and take it all in/see what I didn’t see on my first playthrough. Because of the slow pace it was hard not to rush through some bits of the, just to see what happens next.

But yeah, one of the best games of recent years for sure.

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Hoping to start it tomorrow after work

Kind of anxiously excited bc it’s the culmination of so much!

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Can’t see myself playing it after not liking GTAV at all. A shame as I loved ‘Vice City’ and ‘San Andreas’ almost more than any other game.

Yeah I bounced off of it after about 15hrs. Realised the Saints Row games were more for me.

some recent gaming thoughts:

. Spiderman is pretty great mindless fun, the combat looks real stylish but the world is really just a soulless prop with no character to it.

. Super Mario Kart for the SNES is hard as fuck, holy shit how did anybody ever complete it without save states?!

. Skyrim modded to hell is amazing to this day, very addictive loop of 30 minute questing, hoover up all the goodies in the dungeons, pick some flowers, go back to town sell everything, repeat.

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Has anyone been playing Call of Duty Warzone?

It’s the most Call of Duty thing imaginable but it’s actually great fun.

The Gulag is an excellent mechanic - which sounds like an absolutely heinous phrase when typed out.

I’ve not but the gameplay in modern warfare is superb so to hear it plays well is not a surprise. I’ve heard good things, maybe one day I’ll download the ridiculous patch

doom Eternal update - The Marauder is a real piece of work. I am Quite Stuck


Oh dear. I haven’t played it for a couple of days but felt like I was getting into the swing of things on the second planet.

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Finished Ori 2, a joyous experience from start to finish. Visuals are stunning throughout, it is never less than a joy to look at. The variety of the combat was surprising too, some of those boss battles, yeesh. Need something else now.

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Super shotgun or ballista. Kill the flame dog things ASAP. You often get the red projectile thing then blink charge in quick succession.
Real satisfying to glory kill!

Had exactly this issue with Doom. Was tearing shit up and taking names, stopped for a couple of days and got my bum handed to me by the very next battleground.

I hate the spider crab things. I know you’re supposed to shoot the turrets off the top but I tend to get killed first.

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Finished Pikuniku last night. It’s like 89p on Switch and I highly recommend it. Very funny.

Also finished Luigi’s Mansion 3. Liked it.

And for some twisted reason I’ve been playing… The Getaway Black Monday. I’ve always been curious as to why this game got such bad reviews on release but it’s easy to see.

Not only does it look significantly rougher than the first game but but it’s now more of a clunky shooting gallery. And yet, I’m still playing it. There’s something oddly charming about this ugly mess trying to tell a gritty London crime story.

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My little bro resubbed WoW. Now I’ve resubbed WoW. I hate myself.

just enhanced my path of exile gameplay 100% by buying this skill effect

(look i had some spare points left over ok)

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