Gaming 2021

Ah you’re slowly earning!

I’m saving mine for a big discount off a new xbox later in the year, got about £65 worth so far, you can get 15000+ a month with not much effort, and basically get gamepass for free if you wish

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It’s usually VERY slow unless you aim for specific objectives mind

I mean if ur mining my data u may as well pay me for it

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They must think I’m very interested in numbers

Has anyone played Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker before? I haven’t technically completed it so I’ll save my essay for then, but I have played through the first ending.

I was really enjoying the game and would have argued it may be the best Metal Gear Solid game - to keep it short, it’s had a lot of the fat cut and has very little of the bollocks that leaves you struggling to suspend your disbelief.

I must admit that I ruined the pacing for myself by already knowing that there were five chapters, so I was left thinking “What’s going to be left to do in the final chapter?” as the game culminated to its climax.

But this fifth and final chapter is so bizarre and it’s killing the game for me. You’re just doing side missions, all in the same levels as the first four chapters and sometimes facing the same enemies but with higher difficulty levels, in order to progress the game which is just finding Zandornov who escapes from Mother Base every now and then and is terrible at hiding.

The only bits so far which have vaguely progressed the plot are the tapes EVA sends you about the Boss going into space and a very questionable side mission where you go on a date with a student and end up having sex with her in a cardboard box (no I’m not joking).

I suppose Metal Gear ZEKE is looming in the background but I’ve not really been given any imminent or tangible incentive to take on other Extra Ops to help keep building it.

Has anyone else played it? Is chapter five worth perservering with?

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I want to see this as an eighties sitcom. Lead character is a loveable goof, who is fond of turning to the camera and saying things “hey, what’s with all this stuff about eyes then?”, and the laugh track goes into overdrive. Later, when he has to summon in a boss fight he’s like “uh-oh, need some help here”, and then Eileen The Crow appears in a puff of smoke and the studio audience all applaud. He dies just before Eileen is about to land the killing blow, and she pulls a comedy exasperated face and makes a quip about men not finishing the job, prompting the audience to go into laugh meltdown before she disappears and we cut back to the hero coming to at the last lantern, holding his head and saying “What happened? How much did I have to drink last night?” etc etc.

This shit practically writes itself. Get some decent sponsors in - I hear Pepsi are looking to tap into the eldritch market this year - and we’ll be millionaires before we know it.


Yeah I beat this back in the day, I remember it getting repetitive with massive difficulty spikes towards the end. Kind of technically amazing that they crammed that much game onto a PSP though.

Is Rise… the Siberian one?

There is loads of exploring to do there.

Yup it is.

Yeah, there is tons to do. I haven’t found the lockpick yet and only just got the rope arrows. Still not got explosives or been able to access a lot of the tombs.

My version of the game has all the DLC too.

I played it when they released it as part of the HD collection on PS3 or PS4, forget which, and I gave up around the part that you’re on, couldn’t be bothered to keep finding that guy and just read the rest of the plot on Wikipedia

i did enjoy it but not one of my favourite Metal Gear games - was good but I never found it quite as engaging as others for some reason, if I think back I just remember a tank boss that was really annoying and bullet spongy, another boss that was annoying etc.

might start a play through of one of the other Metal Gear Solid games actually, been a while since I did. vaguely tempted to give Metal Gear or Metal Gear 2 a go as I’ve never played either…

I’m taking on some of the easier Extra Ops at the moment just to push things forward, but it is hard to maintain the motivation to see it through to the end. It’s pretty mad what they’ve managed to fit into the game, but I think the limitations of the PSP seem to have thankfully reined in Kojima somewhat and I think led them to make some interesting stylistic choices as well.

PS3 I think, as I’m playing it via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. I do agree with you though - one drawback is the lack of an engaging set of villains compared to previous games, and there’s little variety in the AI/mech battles as well.

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Very good in my opinion.

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Rise is excellent - Shadow was :angry:

Yeah I’ll get to that way done the line, if at all. Heard it did the tomb part well, so may just skip the cut scenes and blitz it

All or the rebooted TR games are great. Shadow gets a lot of stick for its story but the gameplay is as good as or better than rise.


I don’t get why people don’t like them more either. Lots to love.

Shadows had good tombs. Thought it handled worse in the moment 2 moment gameplay

Hi all, don’t let the Dark Souls people know but I’m playing Subnautica for, well, a bit of light relief if I’m honest.

I keep getting hit by fish blowing up or poked by other big fish - am I mean to be able to attack them early on or just run away? I tried to parrying and backstabing to no avail.

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