Gaming 2021

Had a moment of horror yesterday: I accidentally deleted the save from the game I’m playing (Xenogears). Happened while I was updating the emulator (Retroarch 1.9.1 is out btw!).

But I’m not that fussed - I was near the end of disc 1, and apparently disc 2 is just a massive exposition dump (they ran out of time/money while developing or summat). So I’ll watch it on YouTube and play something else I think. Enjoyed the near-half I did play, except there are some bastard bosses and awkward bits. And no sodding map! That makes it really hard to pick up again for me.

Absolutely massive story, tons of weird stuff happening, glad I got into it. Nice combo system too!

And on the plus side, PS1 emulation on the 3DS seems pretty much spot-on (Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX, Chrono Cross, Persona 1 and 2 all work)

So I’ll start something else in a bit. What should I play next? Will be starting each series as early on as I’ve got (FF3, DQ4, Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, Super Mario RPG on the SNES). Thank you for your feedback.

  • A Final Fantasy game
  • A Dragon Quest game
  • A Persona game
  • A Fire Emblem game
  • A Super Mario RPG
  • Chrono Cross maybe?

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That’s Persona all done with, 122 hours, feel quite bereft now.


That’s pretty much my MO.

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The keir starmer story.


do you guys reckon subnautica is gonna run like garbage on switch?


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Well Yes* in that I think it’ll run 25 - 30 fps which to a PC GOD like myself is garbage

hmm i just don’t really enjoy gaming on my PC, though i do have £20 credit on steam. got a shite chair though and i’m just not really set up to play it through my tv properly.

Jeez, you weren’t kidding. This is actually playable now.

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NES games really don’t hold up, do they. Inspired by the Nintendo Life best of list I’ve been trying some and they’re nearly all garbage. Was looking forward to Ducktales, I love a Disney platformer, but it’s so rough. Sampled some Megaman too, grim. Quite enjoy a game of Tecmo but it’s very limited. Honestly outside of SMB3, does anything hold up? Castlevania has its charms but still flawed.


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Dr Mario

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It’s no Tetris, but what is

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I will fite u

Megaman 2 is a big step up tbh

That’s the one I tried!


The gap between release of super mario bros 1 on NES and mario world on SNES is only 5 years, ridiculous the leap in quality in that time.


The new BoI DLC is great, feels like a complete rework of the whole game with lots of the old items given revamps that make them much more useful. One of the chief joys remains mutating your baby into comical grotesques, however.


I’m very much enjoying disco elysium on ps4. A few bits have had me giggling to myself. The titles of the dick mullen books in the bookshop for one. The narration is spectacular.

Its a little word heavy though, I can see myself maybe losing interest at some point because it just makes me sleepy listening to it. Like a bedtime story