Gaming 2021

This Activision stuff is pretty fucking horrible

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Activision & Blizzard, Ubisoft stuff too last year. There was some Naughty Dog harassment stuff as well I believe? Not to mention the Rockstar games crunch culture. Seems like all triple AAA game development is awful.

It’s the sort of thing that seems depressingly common across creative industries. Them being really competitive (especially if you’re not related to anyone or whatever) means there’s a lot of exploitation, and people in power - when called out on it - can just question a worker’s “passion” and undermine all the work they’ll have put in just to get a job in the first place


GTA V, duh.

Demons Souls and Returnal I think. Dunno though, obviously not going to buy one with my RTX 3060 Ti on the way :muscle:

hope they port those few exclusives to PC though

It’s skin-crawling

In all seriousness, not a lot. But the new Ratchet and Clank was an absolute delight. And my pal swears by Returnal.

konami are going to play the blinder and announce the silent hill reboot soon

it wont be any good but i will have to play it anyway

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Got a weird fascination with how mediocre it will be

For how influential they are, hardly any other developers seem to have identified even half of what Team Silent got right

last year i bought those vinyl reissues of the soundtracks that mondo put out, and to my surprise akira yamaoka’s name was nowhere to be found on them. instead the soundtrack is credited to ‘konami music dept’ ffs. you literally couldn’t make it up.

i wouldn’t be surprised if konami just took however far they got with silent hills, crossed out kojima’s name and just got some interns to finish it off.

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This looks an absolute ton of fun tbh


Hey look!


No facking way! Is it reboot or remaster though?

far as I can see, it’s a remake of the first game for next gen consoles and PC

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Obviously that’s what everyone wants but I’d like to see what they can do with the IP. The games themselves still look really good. Not sure industrial grim needs to be a bit shinier!

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would love to play through Dead Space again but it’s just a cover shooter innit

Are remakes/remasters getting a bit much these days, or have they been happening forever and I’m just noticing more?


It’s getting a bit boring isn’t it? Would be nice to have more good new games instead

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I’d moan more about this, but last night I was too hot to play anything interesting or that required thinking, and the Need for Speed 2: Hot Pursuit remaster is on Game Pass, so