Gaming 2021

I did! Day one purchase. But it didn’t have the specialness of the first one for whatever reason. Maybe another sequel would also be disappointing, so maybe I just want a remake of the original one again!

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Oh yes, the wii that famous console that sold very poorly :roll_eyes::grinning:

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shit misread it as wiiu apologies :smiley:

Was also meant to be a bit crap though, wasn’t it? Never helps

Only Paulo knows.

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Friend just bought me an Oculus Quest 2 because they miss me and want to hang out in Rec Room, blimey :slight_smile: Thrilled


oh nice. i have tetris/puyo 2

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Capcom have been pretty damn amazing again for a few years now so cautiously optimistic for this being the true successor to RE4

RE7 was banging

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Can I shock you?

Re6 was banging

Only mainline game I can’t bring myself to finish. Find it so boring

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The Leon campaign is great, the others less so but still decent. It’s head and shoulders above 5

Reckon they’ll spend a good chunk of this talking about the new cgi film, the new TV show and the reboot movie.
Outside chance of RE2 and RE3 remakes for Switch via cloud.

Been farting around in fenyx a bit. It is very decent. Pretty mental how shameless it is in terms of ripping off zelda.

Right, time to pick The Last Of Us up again after a year away and finally get stuck into it properly.

Fifteen minutes in…oh.

Won’t let me reinstall it either FFS.

It was quite funny actually, Joel froze and started rotating around like something off Cyperpunk and then the game soiled itself completely. Game over.

Finished Resident Evil 2 classic version.
Leon A and Claire B, also unlocked and did The 4th Survivor.
Was weird going back to tank controls for the first time in years but got used to them again after a while. The games actually quite small eh? As a kid it seemed Huge but the station isn’t really that big and before and after that it’s quite linear.
Still holds up, good zombie shooting fun. The 4th survivor is still good too but super cheap at a few points in terms of loading the room with about 6 zombies latching onto you.
Couldn’t be arsed doing Claire A/Leon B or Tofu. Just not different enough for another playthrough quite so soon.
Might play RE3 classic or might do something completely different next.

P. S. The train being labelled ‘Galaxie 500’ was wasted on me as a kid.


Oh wow, games devs in the '90s really liked hip indie music, didn’t they?

The Loveless poster in FF7 is a huge part of what got me into MBV (the Portishead posters in Silent Hill are also very cool)

Speaking of Silent Hill, really itching to play Silent Hill 4 even though it’s only on the PC and that’s not the most ideal way for me to play it. Ah well, Dishonoured should be getting fun now I’m out of all the tutorial-y stuff