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Speaking of Silent Hill, really itching to play Silent Hill 4 even though it’s only on the PC and that’s not the most ideal way for me to play it. Ah well, Dishonoured should be getting fun now I’m out of all the tutorial-y stuff

Oh didn’t know about the Portishead one.
Aye the FF7 mbv was anything but subtle lol
Actually tempted to do Silent Hill PS1 soon, I can handle Resident Evils jumps ares fine but psychological horror freaks me out for real.

I only have Silent Hill 1 on PSP, which isn’t the ideal way of playing it (also I do think 2, 3, and 4 represent a pretty massive step up from the first game)

they’re really nice posters as well

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if they used this image for their fourth album, that would be immense


Came out os N ps2/Xbox too didn’t it?
I tell you what, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is really good. What it the combat stakes it gains through the psych evaluations it does on you IRL and alters the game to tailor to your personality.
Now that’s psychological horror lol

Uninstalling forza horizon 4, just too bland and checklisty, full of cheerful British wankers too

Get an emulator on the go.
Only ever played 1,2 and shattered memories.

Awrite mate, John says you’d love to tear around in this wicked Jag, Makes you proud to be British!

Fuck off.

Swear they have someone pretending to be an Indian woman running a taxi service in it too, baaaad vibes

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I really enjoyed that game when I last replayed it. I love how it uses the original as an intertextual reference point more than as a thing to be polished up and that, you know. Apparently Sam Barlow has been pitching around for a spiritual successor to it, which has me sort of intrigued (I thought Her Story was a bit basic for how much acclaim it’s received tbh).

The little ghost stories, the exploring, and the neat little mind games definitely make up for some absolutely fucking shit running-away sequences

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Good old GOG Galaxy, showing me all 389 owned games (not including subscription services) that I can play.

Don’t fancy any of them.

Might… might read a book?

Yeah that sort of horror game shits me right up rather than rocket launchering a zombie an in the gob.
It’s a shame that Kojima Silent Hills never came to pass.

Yeah, I just want nice, imaginative, haunting atmospheres and dread in my horror games. I feel like so many now are either focused on (a) you’re so ludicrously powerless and inept that you’re spending more time on edge and hiding in a locker and getting killed constantly, or (b) yer schlockier action horror games where you’re spearing wrong’uns in the torso so that said wrong’uns don’t spear you in the torso that are fun but don’t scratch that Silent Hill itch

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Have a patched version of the original Clock Tower on Snes that I might try but might be the same.
Could do with Nintendo remembering Eternal Darkness is a game they own. Or bringing out some Project Zero/Fatal Frame TO switch (the Wiiu one was the best, most immersive and essential game to use with that 2 screen setup ever and it shat me right up. Really got under my skin.)

Did you ever watch Petscop, the YouTube series I’m obsessed with / lifted from for my profile pic? That may be up your street

Anyone remember darkseed for the pc/amiga? That had a hell of a weird atmosphere. It was a point and click and you were like normal dude visiting a small town but I think there was like a weird tumour in your head and you could switch to a parallel version of the town that was all H R Giger-afied. Just the sound design used to freak me out and I ended up having to abandon it.


No but just read the synopsis and that’s ingenious.

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Really enjoyed Oxenfree for the atmosphere and creepyness factor.

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I remember getting it off an abandonware site when I was a teenager and being CONFUSED. I know it was one of those super cruel adventure games where you have to do certain things in a certain very specific order.

Also, should mention this let’s play of DarkSeed 2 is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched

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Replaying that was a real surprise highlight gaming-wise from last year. Liked it so much more than I remembered

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Oh it needs multiples playthroughs alright. That’s where it really comes into it’s own :wink: