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Crisis Core had potential but is mostly just shitty fan service with extra badass sephiroth style dudes added in to be more cool and edgy.

Dissidia has maybe the worst and slowest plodding plot and cutscenes ever in any game but the fighting system was really cool and fun and there was tonnes of customisation and stuff to unlock, sadly the leveling was slow and grindy.

So really it depends how immune to very bad JRPG cliches and bad cutscenes you are on both fronts

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Being a jrpg fan means cutscenes and cliche army bread and butter.
The fan service and adding guys to try to be edgy can’t be as bad as FF7 Remake?

Just never played it and am tempted.
The idea of a final fantasy beat em up intrigued me but maybe best sticking to smash Bros with cloud and sephiroth.
Edit: could always Whack in a game shark code to unlock everything I spose.

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I mean it’s waaay worse than most/any JRPGs I’ve played in Dissidia, some are like 5 minutes long at least and are just characters walking up to other characters, brooding on the nature of life in the worst ways, walking off again and resolving nothing. It’s written like fan fiction, Squall and Cloud will bond over being serious and moody, Zidane and Tidus will be wacky and hyperactive, Kefka and Kuja will argue about who is the most evil etc


There’s 2 Dissidia games.on psp. Actual story lines do you know or just beatemups wrapped in paper thin plot?

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Think there may have been an arcade style mode where you just brawl through rounds with the basic equipment though which might be a better way to try it out

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The plot is paper thin, gods of good and evil bring all the warriors from the seperate universes together to end the eternal conflict etc etc. Loooong stories in both I believe, there’s no need to play the first, Dissidia 012 is mostly the same but with more characters and a few extra bells and whistles.

According to howlongtobeat it’s

Main Story
28 Hours

Main + Extras
68 Hours

129 Hours

loooooong game

Fucking hell.
Maybe a bit much.
I’ll check out a few in the maybe pile on that site to see.
Cheers buddy.

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Kojima may have totally fucked up silent hill though. Sure the gameplay would have been fantastic. Creeping round a brilliantly realised town filled with spooky shit, then a 90 minute cut scene where someone cooks eggs


That demo looked class tbf

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Yeah, birds of Death Stranding had me, like, I don’t know if a Silent Hill game could withstand a two hour long cutscene

The spirits tormenting him would have been a heavy handed metaphor for how Konami were treating him :grinning:

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Misread this as an announcement of RE4 Super HD ports for the Series X and PS5

I loved the early Silent Hills, but got 4 in the sale a few months back and hated it. :frowning:

Does Persona 5 take quite a bit of effort to get into? Started it tonight, maybe just wasn’t in the mood/feeling a bit tired but found it slightly tedious. Will approach with fresh eyes tomorrow!

It’s a slow goer, takes a while to get going. It is fun once it fully opens up and you are juggling the social life with the dungeons, but the first 6 or so hours are pretty linear in my memory.


There’s like tutorials for several hours. I really loved it after it stopped holding my hand. Wouldn’t mind getting other recs for that kind of urban fantasy setting in games tbh

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I had a demo of that and it freaked the hell out of me. Also recall it used that high-res headache-inducing interlacing mode that flickered badly on my portable telly.

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I wish i had a talking cat to tell me to go to bed