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It’s relatively easy compared to the previous SCs, You can quick save, you get plenty of non-lethal stuff and you can always stab or ko enemies in one hit if you’re close. It’s more challenging if you go for perfect ratings and look for the extra objectives. It was an amazing game at the time, although pretty po-faced McClancyism.

In the middle of both Red Dead Redemption II AND Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but they’re both overwhelmingly vast and it takes ages to do anything, I’m a bit fatigued. Returned instead to a playthrough of Ocarina of Time on the Gamecube that I abandoned in the Water Temple and am having an absolute blast; the Shadow Temple → Spirit Temple → Ganon’s Castle is just amazing. MIght play Metroid Prime next. Also hoovering up the green stars in Mario 3D World which is just delightful.


I noticed a store here in Germany had PS5s for sale this morning. Managed to get one in my basket (after getting a lot of errors on their site), enter my payment details and confirm the payment, only to get to a screen that said “confirm your purchase” where the button just wouldn’t work. So I’d paid them the money, but they wouldn’t actually confirm the purchase, then after about 15 minutes of retrying, it disappeared from my basket.

They refunded the money 90 minutes later, but still… such a frustrating & shit experience. I thought using money to buy things was one of the things that was meant to work under capitalism? If even this bit is broken then what’s the point?

(It’s a trick question. There’s no point. Socialism & PS5s for everyone now.)


Oh my Dreamcast!

Edit. Wrong vid

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You know how EA said it wanted to save Anthem - EA arent saving anthem

Trying to make an “Anthem for Doomed Youth” joke but failing

Heavy nostalgia for this game, especially given that I just played Silent Hill 4. Like SH4, I remember really liking how it divides the survival horror segments with the protagonist’s home - making you feel safe and gradually introducing subtle threats (more subtle than SH4’s actually not particularly subtle, I come to realise now, hauntings iirc). I’m an absolute sucker for that.

Tension in a horror game ain’t worth so much if you don’t provide a sense of safety to offset it against. It’s what I love about Alien Isolation too - the design of the ship is just FACKIN BEAUTIFUL MY SON

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Came across this. Lyanna Mormont looks great as Elly. I’d still have preferred Jamie lanister, but the red viper looks good for the role.

Could be the GoT spinoff we all wanted but didn’t think we deserved



Just sunk 2 hours into Wasteland 2. I have had my eye on W3 for a while and they are both reduced from today. However the price drop for 2 is much bigger and it’s £8 something whereas 3 is £30. So I chanced 2 and the camera is awful, the controls are confusing… but it is great. massive Fallout 1 / 2 feel to it and I’ve just put 2 hours in and will be returning.

I’ve always admired the early Fallout games but am not comfortable playing on a laptop and W2 is like a perfect solution to this. It’s really well scripted and dark and silly, which I like.

Has anyone played 2 and 3 and is 3 obviously better?

It’s so expensive now. Dang. I’ve got the second one downloaded off the US PS3 store, but never really given it much of a chance.

Now got a small boat in Valheim! The sailing is pretty good and fear enducing. Was mining barnacles when the ‘island’ started submerging and I got swallowed by the ocean. Literally was screaming the whole time

Valheim may potentially be the nest king of Stick n Rock games - will see how I feel after a few more dozen hours but its got plenty of depth, pretty good combat, fantastic atmosphere and just a lot to do.

Anyone else watching the PS5 direct at 10?

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I’ll watch one when they finally sort their stock out

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think I might, not got much else on

These streams always look so shitty

Crash bandicoot 4 ps5 update :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Can’t figure out if this Returnal game looks ace or garbage?

Not in to dodgeball Overwatch at all

This beat em up looks stunning

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