Gaming 2022

Valhalla is the best Arse Creed imo by some distance. Followed by Black Flag, 2, and Brotherhood. And Origins.

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Cant ever go back to the old ass creed games because of the following missions. Ruined black flag

I’m starting to get the hang of the controls and all of the different combat/ game systems.

I currently like it more than HZD but less than Witcher3. I might have preferred more of a stealth killing experience but it’s OK.

I’m only eight or so hours in so I can’t speak for the full game.

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It’s almost certainly placeholder writing in the leaks - they’re from 2019/2020 and the game won’t be out until 2024 most likely. Much of what’s there is probably written by Devs to get something into the game in lieu of what the final writing will look like.

How appropriate! You fight like a cow!!

1 insult swordfight = 1 respect


I am rubber, you are glue.

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Might fire up Monkey Island 1 (Talkie edition) later! Via ScummVM on the 3DS, as is traditional in times of mourning

Still have to play Day of the Tentacle one of these days, and Thimbleweed Park!

Loved Thimbleweed Park


downloaded that monster hunter. will give it a couple more missions but don’t think it’s for me

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Is this going to other coknsoles?

It’s a timed switch exclusive, so will be other consoles in 6 months or a year probably

I have a serious fucking overwatch problem again

Still nothing more satisfying in gaming than doing the most chill flank with tracer


If anybody wants a really demented PC arena first-person shooter, Hyper Demon dropped yesterday:

It’s something of a sequel to Devil Daggers, which I’ve put 90+ hours into and still play often. This is… a lot more complicated and I’m terrified/in awe of it! It’s tough to explain but one of the unique things about it is you can see sort of up to 180 degrees + the enemies that are behind you. The whole thing is wonderfully bonkers.

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console thoughts

been out of the gaming sphere for … a long time, but used to be pretty into it. Was a PS boy but can be swayed away - know lots of friends have and rave about Switches

any thoughts on what’s worth getting out of the PS4/PS5/Switch/other options? Not sure I want to be dropping loads of money given these gestures wildly times, but think some fun gaming options being available over the colder darker months would be very welcome (if expensive to run oh no)

Xbox Series S is undeniably the best value if you get a Gamepass subscription but you might have to learn to love playing a lot of 7/10 games and live service multiplayer games with battle passes to get the most out of it.

Switch is probably too expensive for the tech you get and the first party games rarely go on sale but it has some of the best games ever on it with Nintendo’s own games that are really great pick up and play experiences. Lots of smaller indie games go on sale very cheap if you like that sort of stuff.

PlayStation seems to be all about the premium super polished big budget cinematic action/RPG-lite stuff these days that you can’t get elsewhere.


That makes the Switch sound very appealing for my tastes …

My last console was a PS3 and yeah don’t feel I was testing its capabilities when I mostly played Journey and Braid and the like. So a solid indie game platform with a few big name options might be right for me


PS4. Bloodborne.


Zelda Breath Of The Wild is one of my favourite games ever, so tactile and expressive and playful. My favourite open world game outside of maybe Elden Ring.

Mario Odyssey is one of the best platformers ever, looks amazing, full of fun bite sized ideas, very good for playing for 20-30 minutes, achieving something and putting down.

Mario Kart 8 is pretty much the only arcade style racer of note still going it seems, kind of an old game now but very colourful and just works for all sorts of skill levels.

Loads of JRPGS if you like that kind of stuff too, Octopath Traveller, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles, that side of japanese gaming is very well catered to.

Metroid Dread is meant to be really good but I haven’t played it so can’t say.


could probably get some amazing deals and have a great time if you have skipped that generation and get a PS4 for cheap

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