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Agree. PS4 runs Elden Ring flawlessly too. Plus loads of Indie type gems like Outer Wilds.


Really liked my PS4 but barely touched it once the switch came out, just a sucker for that handheld straight to the tv gimmick


Fair enough. I had a Switch years ago but found my PS4 purchase stopped me playing the Switch completely and I sold it.

I would say out of all the consoles I have owned, which is a lot, the PS4 is the best. I know once I play on a PS5 that will change and there will be no going back but I’m still very happy with it,

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It was really powerful and priced great when it came out and had tonnes of exclusive great games on it. Lots to love

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Get a cheap PS4. Still supported, decent versions of all that generations multi platform games, ps plus extra (bit like game pass) is kicking off, and the exclusives are excellent. And there’s plenty of remasters of classics on there.

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Best indie machine is a series s + gamepass

You must have this saved as an auto reply by now.

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Buy a used

  • PS4
  • Switch

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If you didnt have anything last gen then the PS4 wins hands down unless you want portability

Its more powerful
Has more complete and well rounded library
Has a good subscription service
Has great first party titles
Looks better on a TV
Is cheaper

Is stupid loud
First party support is ending

Switch pros
Is hybrid
Will still be supported for a while
Still has major games coming out for it
Is silent
Has great first party exclusives

A lot of games including indies run sub optimally
Doesnt have a worthwhile sub service
Potebtially the most expensive console in the long term due to cost of acquiring games (and yes im including ps5 and xbox series in this statement)
Less diverse library
Really bad online missing basic functionality such as being able to party up or even talk to friends


Fucking hell. I’ve never actually played Devil Daggers but I do occasionally watch YouTube videos of world record runs.

Oh wow

turns out my friend round the corner has an old PS4 he’s not using and would sell me for about £50 so … sorted


Not sure how familiar you are with doing such things, but if it’s noisy I really recommend taking it apart, cleaning the dust out, and replacing the thermal paste on the CPU (when I did this, there wasn’t really any paste left at all). As you’d expect there are good YouTube videos about this, though you will need a Torx screwdriver set, and new paste of course. My PS4 was horrendously loud, but doing this made it pretty much completely quiet - it was a massive difference.

In any case, enjoy! What a good bargain!

will keep in mind, ta

apparently the disc drive is a bit fucked but you can just push/pull the discs in, and again for the price and something i just got a momentary urge to dabble in i dont mind that much

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This looks incredible

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See Rooney’s acting hasn’t improved

@Slicky needs to see this!

Amazing!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

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