Gaming 2022

Got two minutes in and had to stop so I could save it for when I have time.

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Tim Rogers is the best. I’ve watched the Tokimeki memorial video so many times so this is right up my street


I actually do have vague knowledge of the game. I think I saw bits of one of the sequels in a Thorhighheels video and it looked incredibly relaxing

When I switch my ps4 on, i will often say

“Video games”

out loud to myself in a Tim Rogers voice and will really enjoy having done so


Hope I have the same energy and youthfulness as Tim when I’m in my 40s

Another good one. He has such a unique strange aesthetic to his videos.

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Ended up over 6hrs. I fell asleep during it woke up and hes revisting his school? So not sure how kuch of the 6hrs will be for me or not

I loved Dishonoured, D2 (might actually be my favourite PS4 game) and really like Prey.

I do understand they aren’t for everyone though.

I haven’t played Deathloop but I modt likely will eventually.


I think my problem with them is the being stealthy isn’t all that enjoyable (so few games get this right imho) and then when you inevitably do get spotted the descent into chaos isn’t enjoyable or cathartic either. Just feels like a chore either way.

Not many games nail this for me.

Some of the metal gear games nailed it. First batman was good in this respect. Deus ex, both original and reboots, were good for it.

Happy to bash my head against a boss in elden ring but sneaking through the same corridors over and over needs to be nigh on perfect for me to enjoy it.


The chaos that inevitably occurs in Deathloop is the best I’ve played for a stealth gone wrong game. Or at least it is one you have a few powers and some better guns.

Creeping around until you spot a big group of people, firing off Nexus into the crowd (links them all together, so that if one dies they all do) and then offing them all with a single headshot to one is very fucking cool.


Wait… deathloop is meabt to ve stealthy recalls firs hour of ga etime he dod this weekend

Ohhhhhh… i just been dropping people with mininum resitance

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Bought Dragon Quest VIII again didn’t I

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Became OP roughly 90 minutes in to Deathloop and the power curve never corrected itself. Broken game imo.

I’ve completed all the Arkane game multiple times, loved them. I’ve played a good few hours of Deathloop and the only reason I’m continuing with it is a mixture of having nothing else to play and thinking “Surely it can’t be this bad? It must get better, surely.” Still waiting for that to happen though…

well i’m enjoying deathloop even if nobody else is, fun game imo


you could play Prodeus folks, it’s pretty good!


With Gears 1 done I’m onto Gears 2. Ooo, nice 4K patch on the One X.

Also fucked around with Tinykin. I’d rather play Pikmin tbh.

This is outstanding so far. An hour in.

How the fuck does he do it?


Only an hour’s play with Returnal and it feels like a proper banger. The level of feedback from the controller is so satisfying. Love shooting from the hip too.


downloaded it but instaed of playing it i fell asleep

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