Gaming 2023

That sounds exactly what’s going on here too

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Can’t quite wrap my head around Spider-Man 2 being out in 6 weeks. I haven’t even turned on Armored Core 6 yet! What a year.

Mario Wonder is the same day?!!!

I’ve noticed when mine does it if you squeeze the casing it quietens it. Seems to be the casing or something vibrating.

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Reckon my Ryder is the best thing I’ve ever managed to squeeze out of a character creator. Shame it was for the long looping coil of dogturd that was Andromeda.


Has anyone ever bought a game on something like this: Difmark - #1 Online Gaming - Marketplace. PS4, PS5 | Xbox One, Series X| Switch, Wii U, 3DS | PC keys

Just seen Dirt 5 on there for a tenner but the idea is that you’re paying for access to someone’s account that has Dirt 5 in its games library. Do you have to then always use that account to play it or can you transfer it to your own account?

think Sony can brick your console for using dodgy key sites, and Dirt 5 is absolutely not worth risking that for, imo.

Dont touch that shit

If u want cheap dirt 5, you could just get the ps4 version as it was part of the first wave of cross gen games that let you play the ps5 version for free. Jsut put tje disc in and there woll be an upgrade icon to the right ons creen. Download that.

Its 15 quid in cex and ive seen it on psn sale cheap too recently

Oh I didn’t even realise it was dodgy

I’m now on some sort of watchlist at Sony HQ, as are all of you, sorry


Most of the way through Armoured Core 6 now. It’s been really great. The Ice Worm was especially good.

But I’ve hit a wall. The final boss to chapter 4 is bonkers. It moves around so much that it’s really tough just to keep it on the screen, let alone hit it and dodge its attacks. Spent most of two hours on it this morning and feel like I’m only just getting the hang of things - but I’m still far away from beating it. From Software you’re a bunch of sick bastards.

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Anything where youre paying to access somebody elses account is sketchy

Yeah it’s dodgy as fuck. Just reading on Reddit about how they change the account password as soon as you’ve bought it lol. And/or that the accounts are stolen accounts to begin with :face_vomiting:

Barleysugar: DIRT5

The super shots you can do on Cuphead don’t feel like they do enough damage. Like they barely seem to make much difference to the length of time it takes to kill the boss.

Had no idea eFootball 2024 was out, and it’s free. Genuinely thought Konami had just given up on the idea.

That’s going straight in my basket

oh cheers for the heads up, will give it a go (one match then delete probably)

it’s pure dogshit though.

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