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I reckon AI Somnium Files would make you piss laughing

also helps that the story is brill

Matthew is absolutely wiping the floor with him atm

Must have pulled it round. His first 3 picks were pretty awful!? :joy:


Spent about 3-4 hours yesterday on a boss in Armored Core 6, beat it, and then they nerfed it this morning lol.

Finished the whole game tonight. Thought it was really fantastic. Will definitely play new game plus soon and see how the story can play out differently.


Back on sale

This is going to be a problem for developers.

They’re even applying it retrospectively - potentially you owe Unity tens or hundreds of thousands a month next year for a game you released years ago.

This seems extremely shitty

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Innit. All these indies budgeted based on set parameters and now being thrown under the bus by this news

As for why Unity has chosen to introduce these new fees, Unity Create president Marc Whitten told Game Developer the company is seeking to “better balance the value exchange” between Unity and developers.

After discussing the ins and outs of the fee, Whitten chose to speak more plainly about why Unity is charging developers an additional fee. As he put it, “we want to make more money to invest in the engine”.



I’d imagine Gamepass, Humble Bundle etc all look massively less enticing for indie developers too and it probably has the potential to tank Unity on mobile platforms entirely given the economics and how few people uninstall games they’re done with.

Theyve seen how many peope are installing genshin impact and the like especially in china and want to take everything - its gross theyre throwing smaller businesses undert the bus because of the success of gacha games

the new iPhone 15 Pro has ports of Resident Evil Village, 4 Remake and Assasin’s Creed Mirage coming to it - running natively.


y tho

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Probably looking to take handheld market share. You can get a grip i assume you can get one with a battery in it if thats a concern (if not why not!!!) I can ttoally see it happening if the devices have caught up

Why get a switch if youre going to end up with a snart phone every contract cycle

Still have doubts though

Who the fuck is gonna play them on a screen like that though with touch controls?


yeah agree. even Microsfot have realised that just putting “games” on mobile devices with touch controls is the worst possible way to do it

Grips innit?

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It gets worse

Also the unity president sold shares a few days ago :eyes: