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eFootball 2024

So it’s a purely online, in-app purchases money laundering nightmare now. You start off with a team of no marks, like Master League, but then get given Messi straight away via a “Messi’s Journey” card. You’re also given some basic ‘missions’ to complete like finishing your first game, clicking something on the Game Plan screen, doing some training, etc for which you receive tokens which I assume you use to buy players with. I’m not sure about that because I just clicked on some of the massive banners in the menus and got given almost a new team of household names with high 70s/80s ratings for free. There’s no tedious goalless draws or grinding out flukey 1-0 wins with your team of shit bastards in the hope of being able to bring in a marginally better centre back, you’ve got a great team after about ten minutes without needing to do anything.

You don’t really know where to look as it feels like there’s so many things jumping out at you trying to make you spend money. You can apparently buy something called Boosters which enhance a player’s ability even if they’re already at 99 skill level. Sickening. And it’s all online remember, what’s the fucking point.

The gameplay is still really good and better than FIFA but they’ve had that in the bag for so many years now it’s not really worthy of praise. EA Sports are to blame for introducing the glorified card game aspect but Konami have taken the piss with it and plopped on all of our heads.


Nah this is all Konami theyre basically s mob front these days - dont buy anything released after MGS V with their name on it its all shite

Dropped to 90

Unity: you needy

The story in GoW Ragnarok is an absolute belter. Up there in my all time list. Hits like a brick shithouse

What a cool dude

Imagine being a ceo

Just free money for being an absolute ringpiece


We’ve taken to calling CFOs, “chief feltching officers” at work because we’re all very mature



Saw Say the Spire and got excited for a moment.

unity eh, ironic in how they’re uniting the industry tbh

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Day one for me. On ps5 at least. Still love the first two games, but ive never finished them. Im about halfway through 2 on ps1 atm but its so difficult. Hoping this has save states.

Also halfway through my replay of Anniversary. Surprised that hasnt had a port.

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Oooh! III was my first Tomb Raiser and I loved it. Haven’t gone back in like twenty five years…

3 is brutal hard, bordering on sadistic.


I think I finished it? Those were the days of cheat codes though, weren’t they mmm standing in the newsagents looking in a magazine mmm not this month then I’ll wait till February mmmm this guy at school says his brother has a code so you can see Lara naked isn’t it jumpers for goalposts etc

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Got to the final boss of that game after having to restart the whole endeavour twice over due to broken saves or saving at points where it was impossible to come back from.

Played the WHOLE GAME using pistols and went into the fight with every single ammo round I’d located throughout the entire game for rocket launchers, uzis, magnums, shotguns…

Barely made a dent.