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The Hitman update is today so if you have Hitman 3 you should get the maps for 1 and 2 at some point later for free



Looks like it plays a bit like powerstone? Loved that game

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I don’t like them, and in fact, I don’t like switching characters unless its done like the last of us where both characters are integral to the story. the missions might as well be quick time events too. I think for all of them, I’ve just pressed forward on the joystick and got to the end.

I dunno, I bought to game to play as Spiderman because Spiderman is cool. It’s like being dragged out the cinema whilst you’re watching something really high octane and entertaining every 30 minutes to watch 5 minutes of antiques roadshow or something.


oh yeah, I hate the puzzles bit of the game too.

Selling a game on the promise of letting you play as a superhero and then making you play as a non-superhero loser you’ve never heard of for some of it has to be one of the biggest no-nos in the business. But devs just can’t help themselves. They have to make you play as Robin

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I liked Spider-Man but it ground to a halt way too much with this kind of thing. Also got stuck on a Mary Jane mission because I overthought the investigation. Did enjoy Miles saying “oh yeah I have a magic hacking app!” though.

The next one might have missions where you play as Venom by which I mean you’ll play Eddie Brock walking around the Daily Bugle office trying to hide from J Jonah Jameson.


Think devil may cry/bayonetta

Are PS5s expected to be getting smaller any time soon?

It’s mainly the vastness of them that’s putting me off.

sorry buddy, sounds like it’s time to hand in your gamer badge


Game spoilers - you’re literally playing the origins of the next Spider-Man :joy:

Just googled it and I honestly had no idea the MJ/Miles missions annoyed so many people. They’re so brief I barely remember them. In the grand scheme of the game, they take up so little time too :man_shrugging:t2:


Probably depends on how you play games, I bet if you just sit down for 30 minutes after a busy day it can get quite annoying to have your whole session turned into a little slow bit of world building, whereas if you play in long sessions it’s good to break up the pace and prevent just swinging around beating people up from feeling monotonous.

Personally stuff like that has never really bothered me


Spider-Man has an absolutely cracking story and I reckon those moments are all needed to tell it, but the MJ parts gameplay is poor.

Fair, didn’t really look at it as a casual gamer. Might be a bit annoying if not part of a larger session.

there is chatter about a redesigned chassis, but nothing confirmed

the relevant bit

Reliable industry snoop Tom Henderson teased the tidbit on Twitter, as he weighed in on a recurring report that PlayStation will overhaul its new-gen system later this year. As has been indicated previously, this will purportedly feature a detachable disc drive, unifying the Japanese giant’s production pipeline as it attempts to flood the market with hardware following the shortages it experienced in the aftermath of the pandemic…Henderson says that the revised PS5 – apparently due out in September – is less about adding more horsepower and more about reducing costs.


Combat has really clicked now. Quite good platforming segments too and a lot of gameplay variety. I think i loves dis gamr

Wasn’t terribly excited for the Dead Space remake but the reviews have me well up for it now.

Got to Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. WHY IS IT SO HARD. Guess I should have seen it coming when the Sphinx and Minotaur were relatively easy.

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I will never do this.

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