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In other news my pikmin 4 tea towel arrived


I’ve never owned a PlayStation ever, so I am interested in the back catalogue stuff but the price of entry (and justifying getting one with an xbox) is pretty hard.

I know what I’m like and my steam/switch library is an indicator of how much money I COULD spend on gaming and often end up with a collection of games I barely touch/play and cannot afford

Gamepass basically allows me to live that fantasy except it’s one fee :slight_smile:

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The absolutely woeful piece of design I was alluding to earlier. Unbelievably stupid the way it’s set up.


Bethesda love all their shit games and hate all their good ones. That’s it.

They’ll probably ‘fix’ the NPC AI while they’re at it and remove its only worthwhile attribute.

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This has reminded me that New Vegas will never, ever receive a remaster and god that makes me sad.

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I think it’s 4k enhanced on One X and Series X though. It’s definitely 60fps boosted on SX.

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Why wouldn’t it? I know Bethesda had a weird anti New Vegas agenda but Microsoft could just flip the gamepass switch and farm it out… maybe to Obsidian :eyes: :eyes:

I should replay that game - I tried on PC but my God that was a nightmare and I couldnt be arsed to mod it

Genuinely tempted to sell my Series X and just get a One X for £100 and stick an SSD in it. I paid £450 for the Series X and aside from The Medium I’ve played no current gen exclusives on it. There’s nothing in the Xbox pipeline that interests me either apart from Fable.

Maybe i could use the monetary difference towards the house deposit ive got to pay next month too… idk

Switch isn’t offline tbf.

If you leave it too long, any game will be inaccessible unless the machine can get online to verify it’s an authorised purchase.

It’s a massive pain

Same - it’s what kicked me over the line

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You’re talking about digital purchases here, surely? It doesn’t require internet to verify carts?

Digital yes.

Gamepass is incredible value for money. If I was a teenager again (the worst thought experiment) my parents would 100% get me a series S, gamepass, and not spend any more money on games.

It’s too good to be true. And I don’t think it’s built to last. Gamepass is great now because they want to get people using the service. Once they’re happy enough with the user numbers, the price will go up and the quality will go down. Wouldn’t surprise me if they introduce more tiers in the future too, paywalling the better stuff behind more expensive options. I’ll enjoy it while it’s around - but the decline is inevitable.

Fuck it. Anybody want to buy a mint, barely used and boxed Series X with a new boxed controller charging kit for £400?

Edit: thrown it in classifieds. 380 ono

That’s the DiS gaming thread spirit!

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Is this the first idea we have of how much developers are paid for gamepass?

Continues in the album link

‘negative crunch culture press will make them not want to push teams unreasonably’

:sweat_smile: / :unamused:

Been enjoying blasphemous 2 - loved the first one and this is everything good about the first 1 but more!

Especially like the different weapon options and actually being situations where you need to use them. The bosses are great too, particularly liked the dancer boss where the music is just a single drum but getting faster and faster

They can keep making pushing sequels out every few years until the end of time, probably not on Unity next time around though unless they backtrack!

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